Honorable State Representative Ander Crenshaw

HonorableState Representative Ander Crenshaw


400South Monroe Street


DearRepresentative Ander Crenshaw,

Iam writing this letter in reference to the HB33 – Self-Defensebill proposed by Antone and co-sponsored by Watson, C. and Williams,A. The bill was recommending that the county sheriff or persons underthreat to use force to thwart a felony. It also proposed that a lawenforcer could use deadly force when defending property in case theforce can hinder imminent commission of a forcible felony.

Iintended to know your position concerning this bill despite that theCriminalJustice Subcommitteefailed to pass it. My name is James Jacob from Florida`s4th congressional district.The FloridaState Prosecutor,Angela Corey, jailed my cousin Marissa Alexander for twenty yearsbecause she fired a warning shot towards his estranged husband, RicoGray. Gray has a reputation of battering his former partners and hehad threatened to kills Marissa. Marissa had an order restraining herhusband from coming closer to her. The shot did not injure Gray, andit assisted Marissa to escape quell a potential felony.

However,I feel the law was unfair because she only warned the suspect torefrain from abusing her. The rejected law could help in protectingmy cousin from prosecution. The prosecutor claims that she faces upto sixty years imprisonment, in case she is found guilty.

Theintention of contacting you was to request whether you could supportthe bill by proposing it once more. I am optimistic that thecontroversial Marissa’s case that has continued to dominate themedia headlines for the past few months will change the attitude ofthe members that opposed it early during this year. We need a lawthat would allow a person to use ‘stand-your-ground’ clause todeter a felony without risking prosecution otherwise, potentialcriminals will be committing atrocities in broad daylight becausethey are assured that the victims are obligated by the law to refrainfrom using deadly force even if they are in imminent danger.

Thankyou for giving me this opportunity. I am looking forward to yourreply.