Hospitality Observation Case Study


HospitalityObservation Case Study

HolidayInn ExpressHotel &amp Suites

Toserve the changing market needs, hotels, restaurants and otherinstitutions in the hospitality industry should constantly organizetheir facilities and services. Therefore, employees and themanagement should organize the services and the hotel space toreflect the high class expectations of the customers in the modernday hospitality needs. To explore these factors, I undertook anobservation study at Holiday Inn Express Hotel &amp Suites locatedat 66Airport Access Rd Oakland, CA 94603,United States. To make the observation an active study, Iparticipated in the hotel as a customer and also went round theirrooms and facilities as a prospective future customer to explore theservices and efficiency at the hotel.

Thelocation of a hospitality institution is significant, especially whenit comes to effectiveness and efficiency. According to Walker (2013),proper location of a hotel or a restaurant and the site of thefacilities make a hotel more appealing to people especially when theyrequire convenience in their access to other facilities. Beinglocated at the airport makes the hotel a great facility for travelersand people in transit. At the same time, the hotel is a haven forpeople that travel for work on the locations near the Oakland airporton an occasional basis.

Thefood at the hotel was excellent from the experience I had, and fromthe feedback from the guests I observed. However, it took a littlebit longer for the staff at the hotel to serve the food after theordering by a customer. After I ordered my dish, the waiter servedthe order, but took more time than I expected for such a high classhotel. However, on the customer service side, the communication wasexcellent and the guests are made to feel at home. The receptionistand the manager try to give each of the guests some personalattention, which was a key experience of feeling at home for me.

Accessinga hotel or a restaurant should be easy and well served bytransportation infrastructure. According to Walker (2013), airporthotels should be conveniently located in terms of access from theairport and easy to access the airport. At Holiday Inn, the hotel hasa good van service that serves the guests to and from the airport.This conforms with the recommendation by Walker (2013) that airporthotels should provide free van service to clients, especially thosewho are travelling and use the hotel as a stopover. The access to thehotel is easy and the distance from the freeway is not long.Moreover, the hotel is located near the airport facilities, but thereis no noise from the plane flights while inside the restaurant or therooms despite the minimal noise while outside the hotel. Generally,the location of the hotel is fairly good since there are otherutility centers that are situated near the establishment.

Agood hotel should have an attractive outlook to the guests and anappealing front office and front space. According to Walker (2013), ahotel should appeal to the guests by providing the right image thatreflects the quality of services offered. At the Holiday Inn, theimage of the hotel is well presented right from the entrance. At thefirst restaurant area, the arrangement of sitting area at therestaurant is appealing with significant colors and expensive seats.The guest waiting lounge is well maintained with a large televisionscreen with a wide variety of channels. Moreover, the space at thereception of the rooms section of the hotel is well maintained with amodern illustration of the rooms available.

TheHoliday Inn Express Hotel &amp Suites have a well organized and aspacious meeting space that can accommodate a variety of numbers ofpeople. There are several meeting lounges and board rooms that areorganized to accommodate different numbers of people depending on thetype of the meeting. This facility gives Holiday Inn Express Hotel &ampSuites an advantage since there are guests who are on business whilein transit in the state of California. According to Walker (2013), anairport hotel should have meeting spaces as a way of keeping up withthe competition and to serve businesspeople holding meetings as theyfly in and fly out. To fulfill these requirements, Holiday Inn keepsthese rooms available for all guests who requests to use them, and ata very low cost.

TheHoliday Inn Express Hotel &amp Suites is excellently located nearthe Oakland airport, making it an appropriate airport hotel toexplore its services. With a keen study that was guided by theknowledge of the hospitality industry, I actively observed theservices and products in the hotel that revealed the excellence ofthe institution. The accessibility of the hotel is good from withinand outside the airport, especially with the management’s free vantransport service for guests. The food and the related services atthe hotel are good enough, despite a notable delay by the staff inresponding to customer orders in the restaurant. In general, theHoliday Inn Express Hotel &amp Suites is a good destination that Ican recommend to a guest at any time or season.


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