HR Policy Doxacom Limited


HRPolicy: Doxacom Limited

HRPolicy: Doxacom Limited

HRpolicies are important tools used by the organizational management,especially the human resource managers in making significantdecisions that affect employees of all levels. An effective HR policyshould comprise of some chosen HR activities (Iveta, 2012, p. 123).This article gives a description of the HR policy for DoxacomLimited.

Staffrecruitment policy and procedures

Themanagement of Doxan Limited remains committed to ensuring that theprocess of employee recruitment is pen, fair, and transparent. Staffrecruitment shall follow the following steps


Adetailed job description shall be prepared before advertising anyvacancy. Each job description will include

  • Job title

  • Location of the vacancy

  • Overall purpose

  • Duties and responsibilities

  • Employment conditions

  • Personal specifications


Allvacancies will be advertised publicly in the national or localnewspapers with a clear statement that Doxancom Limited is an equalopportunity employer. Each job advert shall contain a minimum of thefollowing

  • Name of the organization

  • Role of the organization

  • Description of the job

  • Qualifications required for qualification


Applicationsshall be reviewed by a panel of a minimum of three managers who willthen invite the shortlisted candidates for a formal interview throughletters.


Apanel of at least three managers will interview the shortlistedcandidates. The panel will use a score sheet and a marking system toassess the candidates’ suitability.

Contractof employment

Thequalified candidates will be issued with a written contract ofemployment detailing what the company expects from them and what theyshould expect from the company.


Thesuccessful candidates will then be informed about the workingprocedures of the organization and their expected conduct at work.


Thestandard working week for Doxacom Limited begins on Monday and endson Friday. Each working day starts at 8.30 am and ends at 4.30 PM.However, the standard working time may be varied depending on thechanging needs of the company. All employees are expected to observethe set working hours.

Employeesare given 2 breaks, one in the morning session and another in theafternoon session, fifteen minutes each.

Employeesare expected to discuss cases of lateness or the need to leave beforethe set time with the supervisor on-site. However, these cases canonly be accepted upon provision of written confirmation of excuses.


Punctualityand job attendance are part of the responsibilities of all employees.Established patterns of inappropriate or unauthorized absence andtardiness will lead to oral warnings. Any subsequent case ofabsenteeism will result in severe disciplinary measures, includingthe termination of the appointment.

Failureof any employee to report for a minim of four consecutive dayswithout formal notice will lead to termination on the grounds of jobabandonment. Doxacom will consider such cases of termination to bevoluntary. However, the company may consider employee’sreinstatement on condition that the underlying circumstances ofabsenteeism were beyond their control.


Itis the policy and the practice of Doxacom Limited to issue identitycards to all employees soon after their induction. The newlyrecruited members of staff are required to collect their ID cardsfrom the office of human resource management. All employees(including the junior and the senior members of staff) should tagtheir ID cards on the left side chest. The employee ID card containsimportant details, including the name of the company, name of thecard holder, job title of the card holder, and the address of theorganization. Doxacom Limited takes the responsibility of issuing newcards for employees who are transferred from their present jobpositions.

Payand benefits


DoxacomLimited administers employee compensation policies that supportequitable and competitive pay that is based on responsibilities,duties, performance contributions, backgrounds comparability, andavailability of resources. Doxacom’s pay policies are administeredwithout regarding the race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, age,disability, sexual orientation, or the veteran status of theemployee.


DoxacomLimited offers some core benefits to its employees, including thepaid time off, health insurance, retirement benefits.

Mostof the benefits and the basic compensation in the bi-monthly systemthat is on date fifteen and the first of the next month.

Trainingand development

Employeetraining and development is intended to enhance their expertise andskills.


Thestaff recruitment policy applies to all employees irrespective of thedifferences in conditions of service, working patterns, and senioritylevels.

Identificationof the staff development needs:

DoxacomLimited will use a structured approach in identifying the trainingand development needs of its employees. The main focus will beindividual, team, corporate-wide, and unit development needs.

Mandatorystaff development:

AlthoughDoxacom encourage employees to undertake the recruitment programsvoluntarily, the following programs are mandatory

  • Health and safety programs

  • Management development programs

  • Diversity and equity training programs

  • Induction programs

Evaluationof the staff development programs:

Themanagement will evaluate the outcome of the training program byassessing the productivity and performance of employees after theprogram. This will then be compared with their performance andproductivity prior to the program. The evaluation will help thecompany in changing the training and development programs for betteroutcomes it the future.

Conflictof Interest

Doxacomlimited defines conflict of interests as a situation in which anemployee has a relationship with a third party, which can bias theemployee in a way that the employee can acquire financial or otherundeserved benefit. In this regard, employees should not use theknowledge they gain from their present position in ways that canresult in material conflict between Doxacom and an external party.All employees have the responsibility to discuss activities thatmight result in conflicts of interest with their supervisors prior totheir engagement in such activities.


Doxacomemployees are expected to report at work in the most suitablebusiness attire. Members of staff should exercise their common sensewhen selecting the footwear and clothing that are suitable for aworking environment. Women serving in the management positions shouldwear skirts and dresses with sweaters or blouses or tailored slacks.Men should wear sport coats, suits, or colored shirts with a tie andslacks. However, the management will allow employees to wearreligious attires on condition that they provide sufficient evidenceto be members of the religious groups they purport to belong.

Codeof conduct

Justiceand equity:

Allemployees are expected to

  • Be lawful abiding

  • Acquire union membership

  • Acquire employment and development programs equally

  • Be free to increase their academic achievements

Respectfor people:


  • Handle conflicts in a respective manner

  • Maintain confidentiality

Professionaland personal responsibility:

Doxacomemployees should

  • Avoid engaging in corruption

  • Disclose their personal interest in organizational activities

  • Utilize company’s resources for the benefit of the shareholders

  • Embrace professional development


Allemployees are entitled to an annual leave.


Employeesare required to request the human resource manager’s authorizationin advance for the utilization of their annual leave. The humanresource manager will approve and schedule the annual leave sometimesbefore the actual employee absence.


Theannual leave taken by employees in a biweekly payment will berecorded in their Biweekly Report. Any balance will be calculated andprinted in their paycheck stub.


Doxacomacknowledges the fact that a supportive probation period is necessaryin providing a suitable level of training and support for newemployees. In response to this, Doxacom provides probation in threecategories

  • Members of staff in grades 1-5 undergo 6 months probation

  • Employees in grades 6-8 undergo 9 months probation

  • Senior managers undergo 3 years probation

Inconclusion, the HR policy outlined in this paper provides thenecessary guidelines for the management of different issuespertaining to human resource. The establishment of these guidelinesin advance makes the process of decision making easy when themanagement is required to handle any of the aforementioned issues.

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