Human Services and Christians

HumanServices and Christians

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June29, 2014.

Characteristicsof a human service professional

Thefoundation of excellent human services lies in the ability andpassion of a professional to offer services with utmost diligent,respect and love (Falco, 2009). Often, human service providers workwith various individuals, groups or in environments where certainbehaviors and conduct of the assisted persons may negatively orpositively influence the service providers’ attitude. As such,human service professionals need to have a high degree of empathy,open-mindedness and acceptance. Empathy is been understanding to theplight or opinion of others, being open mindedness means been able tolisten to others in all situations and accepting othersunconditionally (Falco, 2009).

Therefore,human service providers need to have astute cognitive ability, beable to psychologically adjust to all situations and having a genuinepersonality. These human services ethics conquer with Christianbiblical teachings in which, the scripture calls upon people to treatothers well, taking care of them, showing gentleness, dignity,respect, patient and being faithful in the service provision(Galatians 5:22-23). In II Corinthians 10:1, the scripture messageurges service providers to be humble and gentle as exemplifiedthrough the teachings and deeds of Christ Jesus. Similarly, in Mark12:31 and Mathew 22:39, the bible elucidates the power of love as akey aspect of been in service to others, ‘Love your neighbor as youlove yourself.’

Ingeneral, both the human service characteristics and the biblicalteachings have a common focus on how human service professionalsshould treat other human beings. Human service should be guided bydignity, respect, empathy and love among others. As a human serviceprovider, dignity, respect and empathy are the ethical pillars thatguide my service to others. However, in order to develop more astutehuman service ethics regular reference is made to the bible forgrowth and guidance.


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