Humanities Discussion



Thereare many purposes of Hajj. One of the main purposes is to be cleansedof sins. Whoever performs Hajj according to Muhammad (Peace andblessings of Allah be upon him) and does not commit any sin or speakany obscene word will be cleansed of sin as on the day he came out ofhis mother’s womb.

Twomost fascinating aspects of Hajj is the wearing of the white clothesby all the pilgrims, signifying purity and uniting them regardless oftheir social statuses. Another aspect is the entering of Ihram fromthe Meeqaat, which is submission to commands and laws or Allah.

TheDome of the Rock was build because Prophet Muhammad according toMuslims was taken to Mount Moriah by Angel Gabriel, where he ascendedto heaven and met other prophets who preceded him and also saw Godseated on His throne.

Sacredkey qualities of Islamic art include the calligraphy as a major formof art. In Islamic art, the reality begins and is centered on Allah.The reasons why humans are not included in Islamic art is because itis considered offensive and that idolatry or worship of images is aserious sin.

Islamicart is more conducive to worship since it considers Allah as thecenter and focus of worship. On the contrary Hindu places of worshipare filled with artistic pieces which artists go to worship them.

Gothicand Romanesque Architecture

Thestained glass windows in the gothic structures serve variousfunctions. The first function is architectural. The stained glasswindows were put into Gothic cathedrals to allow more light into thebuilding. The glasses acted as a means to illuminate the inside.Spiritually, the colored window panes made by adding differentmetallic salts and oxides illuminated like jewels when light passthrough them. This creates an experience loaded with awe and secrecyand portraying the importance of light in regard with the religioussymbolism. In addition, they served as illuminated narratives meantto educate and inspire. This windows in Gothic cathedrals depictedbiblical sceneries or significant moments in the saints’ lives.Episodes and narratives of a saint could be placed on one window orcontinuously through a series of windows. Finally, the stainedwindows were an acknowledgement of patronage or the builders of thecathedrals.

Themain difference between Gothic architecture and Romanesquearchitecture was that, the former used large stained windows whilethe latter emphasized on massive walls with small windows permittinglittle light. In addition, Gothic structures had slender skeletonwhile Romanesque structures were characterized by heavy frames.Between the two, I prefer Gothic style as they have well illuminatedstructures with deep spiritual meaning.

Oneof the structures that I have identified is Lincoln Cathedral inLincoln England. This is a Gothic structure as exhibited by its naveand rise windows. Besides, it stands on a slender skeleton featuresthat are characteristic of Gothic architecture.

Leonardo’sLast Supper Painting

Inhis Last Supper painting, Leonardo chose to represent the moment inwhich Jesus announced to his disciples that he knows of the one thatwould betray Him. In the painting, the disciples are presented intheir sense of surprise after this announcement. Leonardo’sconception and pictorial presentation of this subject forges a newdirection from the Eucharistic theme of sacrifice depicted by otherartists.

Inaddition, unlike other artists, in Leonardo’s painting, theapostles are depicted to be on one side of the table rather than thetraditional round table. This setup was meant to depict some of theapostles somehow thanklessly from behind was an incongruity toLeonardo’s desire for a significant characterization of each of thetwelve disciples. For him, a round table would not have providedsufficient opportunity for exploiting the theatrical aspect of thescene.

Oneof Leonardo’s most unique and fascinating is the fact that, in hispainting, all except for Jesus were faces of real people who lived inMilan at the time of his work. It is also reported that, Leonardowent round jails with criminals from Milan to establish theappropriate Judas figure.

MarcelDuchamp, a 20thcentury artist who also had interest in perfecting his artisticskills. One of his great works was replicating Leonardo’s Mona Lisaportrait which he manipulated to suit his own aesthetic.


Hamletis much self-absorbed as shown in the text. From the first act,Hamlet is absorbed in his own glum. He doesn’t want anythingconcerning the King and Queens parties. I sympathize with Hamlet ashe is undergoing too much. His father has recently dies, while hismother slept with his uncle. One of the most interesting lines ishamlet saying that “Loved Ophelia more than 40,000 brothers evercould”. This is because, despite saying this, his obsession forrevenge made him disguise her.

AssumingI am Beyonce Knowles facing a marital crises and everyone is on myback including the media, I would be so disappointed. I would engagein a soliloquy, “What’s there problem? Why can’t they leave mealone, it’s my life not theirs.”