I belief





Beliefsare the assumptions I have about self, others and what I expectthings to be done. They develop from my daily experiences and areabout what I believe on how things are, real and what follows is mybehaviors towards these assumptions. The ideas have been very crucialin my identity. They are unique because they reflect how I live mylife.

Beingbrought up in an extended family, I have a strong belief onfriendship. I grew up in the village where most of my close friendswere my cousins. I was almost the same age with most of them, andhence, we interacted openly. There existed strong bond between me andmy cousins and that no one would ever separate me from them. Nobodyknew about this friendship. The only knew that my cousins and I wereclose due to family ties. The friendship between my cousins and I wasso unique that I persuaded my parents to buy me the same outfits asmy cousins. This idea reminded me of one instance when my parentstook me to a different school away from my cousins. I was sodisappointed because I had this belief that my cousins were the onlyclose friends I had. My parents were so disappointed with my academicperformance on the first semester and immediately transferred me tojoin my cousins. Since then, my parents said that I improved greatly.

Havingbeen brought up in the same homestead, I played with my cousins afterschool and on weekends. During holidays, I used to go play with theneighboring friends with my cousins. I always played in the same teamwith my cousins and this friendship grew with age. I have beenbetrayed severally due to my belief of friendship with my cousins.There was this time when we went looking for my parent`s animals. Theanimals’ belonged to my parents and my cousin’s parents. Theywere divided, and I had a few animals that were looked after by me,my cousins also had their animals. One of my cousins’ flocksinvaded the neighbor’s crops damaging some of the crops. This wasso unfortunate that when arriving home in the evening, my parentsalready knew about it. I felt upset seeing him punished and instead Iopted to be punished on my cousins’ behalf. My parents were sosorry and gave my cousins a last warning.

Afterthe O levels, this friendship grew even stronger because I was alsoforced to attend the same school. At college, this friendshipcontinued to exist although at a distance. I had to follow a careerof my choice, and this led me to a separate college from my cousins.Advancement in technology including the social media and mobilephones always kept me and my cousins intact at all times. As I grewup, I incorporated certain changes and expanded the circle offriendship. I made new friends with students, teachers and everyonewho seemed and was being a friend.

Today,my cousins remain to be the most valuable friends, and I value thisfriendship a lot. I am lucky enough that after college, I got achance to be employed in the city together with some of my cousins. Ialways meet my cousins during the weekend, and my cousins also pay mea visit at my residential home. In order to share this moment oftogetherness with my cousins, I proposed to have annual meeting atthe place where I grew up, and this so far has been a success. Ialways see them at these gatherings where I remind them of theexperiences we had when growing up.