Impact of Digital Technologies in Our Society

Impactof Digital Technologies in Our Society

Impactof Digital Technologies in Our Society

Shirkyclaim that social media has had immense positive impact on peoplelives is valid. He outline how people have changed the way theyinteract and communicate with one another over the last ten years(Shirky, 2009). In the past, people mostly relied on TVs and radio toget information. Nowadays, most people chiefly rely on internet tocommunicate and socialize with others. Various social media sites,like Facebook and Twitter have eased communication amongst variouspeople. It has further made it possible for people to receive news asthey happen instead of waiting until such news are broadcasted onnews station. Undeniably, social media tend to be faster than regularnews outlets.

Roslingclaim on the existence of misconceptions about Africa is valid. Heargues that many people are ignorant in classifying countries thatcolonized Africa in one group. This is because each country has itsown uniqueness in terms of weaknesses and strengths that it posseshence, such countries should not be grouped together (Rosling, 2007).He lays down solutions that can help end poverty in the world. Iconcur with his argument that most developed and industrial countrieshave contributed immensely to hindering the downfall of poverty inthe society. Most developed countries take advantage of poorcountries. For instance, Nigeria and Zimbabwe were highly exploitedduring the colonization period hence, leading to civil wars, tribaldivision, and high levels of poverty. Again, the current global ordercontributes to increased level of poverty in the developingcountries. Some international organizations and dominant globalpowers, like world trade organization, contribute to the plight ofthe poor in impoverished countries. If African countries are giventhe proper support, without being exploited, they can as well reducethe level of poverty amongst their citizens.


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