Impression Management



Impressionmanagement refers to the situation where a person decides to workwell to please others. It also refers to the act, which depict afavorable public image of oneself with the expectation of acquiringpositive view. It implies a fundamental and universal processinvolving a number of convincing factors. The influential aspectsinvolve social, cultural, and spiritual. Impression management alsorefers to a goal-directed sensible or unconscious process throughwhich people try to influence the perception of other people. Such asituation presents a person who does some things as a way of winningthe hearts of others and getting positive judgment. Impressionmanagement is a daily occurrence among the people within any givensociety. Impression management has a greater capability of developingor destroying the life of an individual at any given moment.

Impressionmanagement is common within the social life of an individual. Peopleoften engage in impression management with social media. Some socialmedia platforms such as Facebook and Twitter contain some informationof the users of which most of the given information may only be thereas part of impression management. Some radio and TV presenters oftenengage themselves in impression management with the aim of attractingmore listeners and those who watch the programs as well. People mayalso decide to post some information on Twitter or Facebook to winthe hearts of many as well as to get positive judgments from others.The positive judgments expected by the person impressing others arethe comments that come under his or her post. Social media encouragespeople to engage in impression management. It gives people a chanceto present to the whole world what they feel and think.

Myimpression in Facebook matters a lot. I ensure that my private lifeis not aired out on Facebook. The impression I give is different frommy real life. I ensure that I do not engage in posting anythingpersonal to social media because there are a number of people whom Iwould not like to know about my private life. I believe that privatelife should remain private and putting it public on social media canlead to harm. People usually make all forms of judgments on anindividual. Not everyone may like what you do, or agree with you inall issues. Therefore, I find it necessary to remain in my own world.

Thecase of employers asking to access their employees Facebook is unfairalthough it is important. It benefits the employers to point outtheir strengths and weaknesses, which will enable them, embracereforms. It is crucial that people should engage on a positive way ofusing the social media. Social media, therefore, should not be aground for crimes. As a matter of the fact, I keep my impressionwithin social media to be a pleasing one. People who would like toknow my life often get to give positive comments and judge me well.It is crucial to use social media without involving personal issuesto have ones image protected.

Theissue of impression management has been an important part ofcelebrities. Most celebrities rely on social media to improve theirimage. However, they also face very serious challenges in socialmedia, especially when they get involved in acts that their fans haveno approve of. I will focus on two celebrities Amanda Bynes and EddieMurphy in effect to impression management and social media, and howit has destroyed them.

AmandaBynes is a famous TV and film actress. Amanda became popular at anearly age. She concentrated her life in dealing with the issues ofbeauty and impression. Her works involved the hits such as the AmandaShow, Hairspray, and what a Girl Wants. She won herself a perfectimpression across the world until when the information from all thesocial media gave another negative behavior of her. She is reportedthat she drives under the influence as well as engaging in hit andrun car accidents. Her twitter feed showed that she claimed to giveherself a break. Such issues tarnished her image especially when sheis found with marijuana. Her impression management she had gained allbecame meaningless.

EddieMurphy is a known American comedian, actor, writer, singer, and adirector. He is the most successful person who is also best at comedyand filming. He lost his impression management when he was said tohave picked a prostitute. His involvement in transsexual prostitutemade him loose trust from his fans.

Conclusively,impression management can ruin or build a career. The fundamentalissue is for an individual to be a concern on the impression he orshe shows to the surrounding world. Eddie Murphy and Amanda Laura areexamples of some who have witnessed their career ruined and losttrust among their fans. It is crucial that people should maintaintheir principles, which they show to people as impression management.