In Time


InTime movie is an American dystopian Sci-thriller film. Andrew Niccolis the writer, producer, and the director of the movie. StarringJustin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, the film was released in 2011.The film describes the two different zones of the worlds: Dayton andNew Greenwich (Niccol, n.p). The Dayton zone consists of poor peoplewhile the New Greenwich consists of wealthy people. During this era,people were born genetically engineered with digital clocks on theirforearms. People tend to grow old until they attain the age oftwenty-five when they stop aging. Immediately, the digital clockstarts to count down until it reaches zero when the person “timesout” and immediately dies. In these two zones, time is used asuniversal currency and to pay for expenses. In addition, it ispossible to transfer time between people.

WillSalas lives with his mother on the Dayton zone. One night, he savesHenry Hamilton, a drunken and suicidal man from attempted robbery byFortis and his gang. Hamilton, 105 years, reveals to Will variousstrategies to gain more time. Hamilton gives Will 116 years of histime and remains with only five minutes and dies after they are over.Afterward, Raymond Leon investigates the death of Hamilton, and heaccuses Will to have robbed and killed Hamilton. Will shares his timewith his friend Borel. Later, Will bets with his time and wins overone hundred years. He also attends a party with Sylvia, and buys acar.

Towardsthe end of the film, Will kidnaps Sylvia and demand one thousandyears from her father as a ransom (Niccol, n.p). When Sylvia’sfather fails to pay, Will releases her. Later, the Will and Sylviateam up and start stealing from Weis, Sylvia’s father. From thereon, the two continue stealing more time from the bank with the aim tocrash the system.


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