Indecent Behavior





Indecencyrefers to the use of language that irritates people. It includesactions and ideas that individuals find offensive. Indecencybehaviors do not conform to standards of accepted practices, forexample sexual issues. People worldwide are amazed at the number ofadverts in the mass media like radio, television and newspaper prints(Rivers, 2013). Advertising is a promotional method through the massmedia. The main difference between adverting and other promotionslike personal selling and sales marketing is that advertisements areimpersonal and reaches many people at once. Advertisements occur indifferent forms. These advertisements are created using roles likefear, guilt, humor and sex. The most controversial form of promotionin the media is sex advertisements (Rivers, 2013). Most peopleappeals to sex advertising and considers them as memorable andarousing rather than avoid them. The media frequently uses theseadverts as the public demand has increased.

Accordingto research by Rivers states that during the twentieth century, sexwas not popular in the media as it is today. In the recent years, thehuman body has been utilized in advertising. It helps sell goods andservices for different companies. Increase in nude images hasdrastically increased (Rivers, 2013). Most firms use sex advertisingas it is believed to be one of the influential tools. It helpspersuade and draw attention on the products being advertised.

Inthe cultural definition of sex, different variables of decency areobserved. Majority of the religions consider sexual appeal as animproper behavior (Rivers, 2013). Indecent behaviors especially nudeimages in advertising are considered harmful to society. Most the sexads feature women as sex objects. Most countries are veryconservative with issues of indecency especially sexual appeal. Theyargue that there are other important roles for women as well as men.The public`s attitude on the adverts of sex roles shows virtue inthese advertisements. The advertisement industry is getting sensitiveon these issues and is changing its tactics on how to promote andview women in advertisements (Rivers, 2013).


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