Influence of Depictions of Violence


Influenceof Depictions of Violence

Influenceof Depictions of Violence

Thefilm industry has been one of the most fundamental sectors in thecontemporary human society. Indeed, it has grown in the recent timesfrom a pretty moribund industry to a multi-billion industry thatchurns out celebrities and enormous amounts of money. However, recenttimes have seen an increase in concerns regarding the content that isoften portrayed in a large number of movies. Indeed, there has beenan increase in the prevalence of violent scenes with research showingthat violence in movies has tripled in the last three decades.Questions emerge about the influence that this violence has. Whilethere may be varied opinions, it is evident that violence in moviesincreases the rates of violence.

Indeed,studies have showed that children who consumed or were exposed toviolent movies or films have a high tendency to respond in a moreaggressive way and be more violent to their peers, teachers or anyperson with whom they interacted. Cementing the findings of thesestudies is a research carried out in Singapore, Portugal, Japan,Germany and the United which showed that the relationship betweenviolence in movies and aggression is not different across cultures(Nagle,2009).This research was carried out on a high-risk population comprising ofincarcerated juvenile offenders in which case it was expected thatthere would be immense influence of numerous correlates pertaining toyouth violence and juvenile delinquency or even psychopathy. However,even after controlling for these issues, there was a positiverelationship between exposure to violence in movies and violenceantisocial behavior. Scholars note that increased exposure tofast-paced violent movies results in modifications in brain functionsin the course of processing violent images, including elimination ofemotional responses to violence and reduction of certain forms ofexecutive control (Nagle,2009).


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