Understanding Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to behavior pattern whereby one person in an intimate relationship molests his or her partner, regardless of gender and sexuality. The relationship status could be cohabitation, marriage or even cohabitation (Jackson-Cherry &amp Erford, 2014).

Counselors refer domestic abuse victims to the agencies sheltering individuals molested at their homes so that they can recover self-confidence and dignity. This brochure highlights two domestic agencies in Los Angeles and describes how they can be utilized by counselors in the community.

Domestic Violence FaithTrust Institute

The organization focuses on educating the multicultural and multifaith communities on coexistence strategies. This agency/institute helps counselors deal with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds available through the world. The institute also carries out programming regarding the prevention and intervention of domestic violence.

Good Shepherd Shelter

Good Shepherd Shelter offers a safe learning environment for both children returning to schools and abused persons training them with new skills so they can start a new life. The organization advises abused persons on domestic violence laws and helps them obtain order of protection. Rather than offering only emergency shelter, it offers long-term housing for the abused persons.

How counselors can utilize these agencies

Counselors utilize these agencies by using their facilities to shelter victims and children and also educating the local community on domestic abuse. Additionally, the agencies can be used as a co-ordination center of statewide social service systems which will help counselors provide services efficiently and effectively.

Noticeably, such agencies could also be used by counselors to get fast response to domestic violence issues through toll-free crisis intervention services.

Financially incapable partners are the most vulnerable persons to domestic abuse due to the financial instability and drug abuse. Reporting any incidents of domestic violence is vital for an improved quality of life in the community.