Instructional Materials




ThreeFactors to Consider when Selecting, Developing and Evaluating

Bastable(2011) explains that the selection of the right materials foreducating individuals is the responsibility of the health educator.The factors to consider include the audience, purpose and media. Theaudience implies all the characteristics of the intended recipient ofthe health education. The characteristics may include the size of theaudience as well as the physical characteristics of the audience orthe recipient of health education.

Themain purpose of the health education includes achieving certainbehavioral objectives in relation to the improvement of the healthstatus of individuals (Bastable, 2011). The purpose present varyingcircumstances during the process of health education. The healtheducator should consider the varying circumstances in relation tochoosing the appropriate instructional materials.

Mediaexist as one of the important elements to be considered whenselecting, developing and evaluating instructional materials. Theassessment of the media involves analyzing the messages to beincluded in the instructional material. It also involves the designand technical aspects of the instructional material (Bastable, 2011).

Video,Hand-Outs and Computer Software as

Visualaids impart relatively more experiences compared to other mediums oflearning. Videos are particularly essential in sessions that requiredramatization of events to provoke reasonable discussions amongst theaudience of health education (Bastable, 2011). As a health educator,I would use videos in circumstances that require audiences to recallexperiences in discussions. Experiences offer illustrations to thetheoretical knowledge in health education. Videos are also importanttools of learning in a situation where the audience has difficultiesin hearing.

Hand-outsexists as backup materials upon which learners can refer whenrevising. As a health educator, I would use them in learning sessionsthat involve group work. I would also use them to support learnerswith hearing impairment. Computer software is essential in developingcustomized instructions to suit different users. I would use softwarein cases where instructions vary for different learners (Bastable,2011).


Bastable,S. B. (2011). Healthprofessional as educator: Principles of teaching and learning.Sudbury, MA: Jones &amp Bartlett Learning.