Intended and realized strategy

Intendedand realized strategy

Intendedand realized strategy

Weall make plans at some point in our lives. Planning involves puttingin place strategies that will help us achieve our goals. However,there are a lot of things that happen between the period where theplan is developed and the period when the plan is finally realized.

Intendedstrategy is the strategy that an individual hopes to fulfill. This isusually very detailed and contains the necessary steps to be taken inorder to achieve the strategy. Realized strategy, on the other hand,is the strategy that you will actually follow to fulfill your goals.But why do we create intended strategies and what are some of thefactors to consider?

Accordingto Simon Sinek, human beings are all the same. However, when it comesto success, some people become more successful than others. He givesan example of apple. He goes on to explain that like all othercomputer companies apple has access to the same market the sameagencies, the same consultants and yet apple is the leading computercompany in terms of sales. Simon explains that the company attributesits success to the fact that the company knows why they do what theydo.

Simondemonstrates through the use of the golden circle why organizationsand individuals become successful. The golden circle consists ofthree circles. The inner circle labeled ‘why,` the middle circlelabeled ‘how’ and the outer circle labeled ‘what.` According toSimon, the most-successful people start making their plans, but firstknowing why they want to do what they do, how they want to do it andfinally what they do. This is the secret ingredient that makes peoplebuy into other people’s ideas. Most people, on the other hand, whodo not become successful, think from the outside-in of the goldencircle.


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