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Universityof the Incarnate Word

Education has no limits. In the spirit of learning more about adulteducation, I interviewed my classmate in order to know more about hermotivation on learning and the challenges she faces. The face to faceinterview was conducted on Thursday September 11, 2014 from 6.00 pmto 7.00 pm on the Library of University of the Incarnate Word. Iconducted the interview on my friend that has taken keen interestinto formal education. She is PhD student at University of theIncarnate Word. She hold two master degrees, among them is a mastersdegree in management. Throughout our interview, I was trying tounderstand the major motive for her to return back to school and takePhD despite of her advanced age as well as the motivations to teachlearners that have English as their second language. This would helpto explain some of the basic values that make learners go back toschool. The interview also sought to get an explanation on some ofthe barriers the interviewee has face in her way to get her highereducation, such as the technological skills she has had to learn inorder to fit in the technological society and among others.Additionally, the learner revealed some of the perceived benefits ofgoing back to school. This would help us understand the main reasonthat motivated her to enroll in higher education.

To begin with, I would like to give a brief description of myinterview. I interviewed a lady her name is Franklin Antoinette, on aface to face conversation, she is taking her PHD degree in education. Ms. Antoinette has eighteen years of working experience. She hasworked with many organizations at her younger ages. Moreover, it isworth noting that, she has a 32 year old daughter. Additionally, sheis divorced. Furthermore, she has a sister that is ill and takesresponsibility to ensure she is well taken care of. She is aneducator to international students that have English as their secondlanguage. In the course of the interview, she reveals all herinterest in addition to motivation in life. She helps me understandthe feeling and passion adult learners have. One of her main motiveto get PhD is the opportunities that come with advanced education.Furthermore, she is motivated to add value to herself by getting moreeducation. Her other motivation is positive feeling that has kept hergoing in her pursuit for self directed education. Overall, she wasenrolling in some self directed learning opportunities, for example,Ms. Antoinette participated in many forums and seminars that addvalue to the community. Also, since she is a teacher to internationalstudents, she uses that opportunity to learn from them ontechnological advancement. Moreover, In the course of the interview,Ms. Antoinette pointed out that she learned from her students whocome from diverse cultures. She became effective in her SDL, and byhaving a responsibility toward her learning goal, she exploited everyavailable chance to learn and build up her SDL. That reminds me ofwhat I learned about self directed learning in chapter four (Merriam&amp Bierema, 2014). Where Costa and Kallick (2014) pointed outthat, SDL can be occur by setting an easy goal to achieve, and thatis what Ms. Antoinette did when she attended some forums andseminars. They also said that active self directed learner is theperson who has a responsibility to achieve his or her SDL goals(Merriam &amp Bierema, 2014).

The adult learner interviewed is a person with a wide experience andexpertise in different fields in life, and she has been able tosupport herself with the technological advancement. She has notallowed technology advancement to act as a barrier towards herachieving her goals. Additionally, personally she is an adult learnerwho has a lot of experience in handling adult learners. This equipsher with all necessary skills to handle learners from diversecultures and different ages.

However, her long journey to the education has not been withoutchallenges. For instance, Ms. Antoinette divorced with her partnerfew years ago. They had sired a daughter that is 32 years old. Thishas forced her to take both roles of a mother and a father in thesame time. Furthermore, she has a sister that is critically ill backat home, causing her to jungle between studying and looking afterher. She also pointed out that time limitedness also poised achallenge to adult learning. Additionally, adult learners have tocope with the challenge of learning with young students, thuscreating a generational gap between them. An ideal example is forminga good rapport with younger students in order to create conducivelearning environment. However, Ms. Antoinette has been able toovercome some of this challenges by coming up with strategies thathave enabled her to cope with the situations. That reminds me ofRita, and how she overcame her barriers in order to get the educationthat she always wanted. Ms. Antoinette also said that, after herretirement she will embarked on a journey to add more education toher in order to meet her long life aspiration that she had. Her maingoal is to amass knowledge that she uses to teach others.

The reason of going back to school was a self directed learning. Shefelt that, she is required to meet her long life objectives ineducation, as this was the only way to achieve her actualization. Shefelt that the education would enrich her experiences in addition toenabling her to teach younger generations. Moreover, she felt thateducation gave her the only route to pursue her dreams that shealways felt motivated to achieve, and she would be able to grow herexperience as well as having more to share with the youngergenerations. Naturally, the passion to education is the one thatdrove her back to school. Furthermore, she pointed out that, she alsodrew motivation from her parents who encouraged pursuing all theacademic levels. She specifically cites her father’s comments thatwere always encouraging to her. True to her father’s aspirations,the lady has grown to like education. She holds two masters degreesin addition to the PhD degree she is currently pursuing.

Ms. Antoinette had internal and external motivations to learn. Acloser look at our interviewee reveals that the lady is selfmotivated and the motivating factors are intrinsic. She clearlypoints out that she would like to achieve her lifelong ambitions. Sheis also focusing on her societal improvement needs by teachinginternational students who have English as their second language. Theinternational students that she teaches are faced by numerouschallenges key among them is difficult in learning English, since itis their second language. However, she has endeavored to help themunderstand their content by making learning interactive.

In conclusion, I would like to summaries what I learned from Ms.Antoinette. Ms. Antoinette is life example for an ambitious personwho spent her life pursuing her dream. I learn from her how I canovercome my barriers, and move in my way to Learn. As internationalstudent, I learned from her how I can learn from different resourcesand become an active SDL.


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