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Traceabilityis a model of procedures that contrast certain relationships trendsand link them through similar trends. Relationships that existbetween two parties are traced using a process to ascertain and orconfirm the source of a trend. It is a tool of both verification andevaluation of the standards of procedures and ways to make them moreefficient may be made basing on such evidence. Tracing is used forverification where there is no certainty of the cause or exposurethat has negative consequences to the organization. Evaluations thatare critical for decision making for judgments budgeting andforecasting may be anchored on traceability. Data traceable is usedto project for the future similar or adjusted programs that anorganization should embrace in order to make almost accurateestimates (Seapine,2014).

Seapine software tools are instrumental in organization planning,collaboration, and flexibility in an organizational setting. The testtrack tools use a combination of different procedures and softwaredesigned to use visuals in the form of work cards, swim lanes, andcolumns. The software supports multiple boards thus allow the use ofa different board for a specific group process or individual(Seapine,2014). The software accommodates the use of different productdevelopment methodology it supports among others Agile, waterfallmethodologies. As such, it is very compatible with a wide range oforganizations as it accommodates the major product developmentmethodologies that define many organizations.

Usingcolumns and swim lanes it is possible to configure each board to meetcertain specifics as applicable such as teams workflow. Individualcards on the board are requirements organized to suit differentissues, user stories, tasks and tests. The columns are dragged anddropped as necessary when a step is completed. The status of anyprocess or product is accorded visibility that is real-time in theboards. End to end view of the process, sprint or project enablesinvestigation and drilling to linked columns or tasks and work items(seapine,2014).

Thetrack tools enable the prioritization review and updates work itemsand tasks. Drag and drop actions enable one to re-assign,re-prioritization and update on its status. The access of the boardsis possible from any location in the globe thus enabling on timeupdates (Seapine,2014). There is a possibility to evaluate a minor and major issue onthe board that is the team focuses on the bigger picture while thereare responsibilities that require individual attention. Differentpossibilities probabilities and looks can be achieved throughconfigurations of multiple boards. Links are highlighted by use offlags and users notified when any changes are made.

Thesoftware provides flexibility as it enables more focus on core tasksprocess, and or requirements thus higher efficiency. It enableseffective collaboration by synchronizing the parallel running ofdifferent process aimed at the main objective. It also enablestraceability as one process originates, complements, triggers orprecipitates an outcome is highlighted and can be traced to itsexposure or cause. Thus, communications of important notification aremade on time to facilitate necessary response in order to make thecorrect judgment. The accuracy of the relationships and or links ishighly dependent on other factors for effective traceability.Nevertheless, with real-time effective monitoring there is littlepossibility that traceability error margins are expanded(Seapine,2014).


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