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Technologyhas become an integral part of humanity and the SAP Crystal Solutionsare among the latest technological advancements that support businessoperations in an incredible way. Among the popular applications isthe SAP Crystal Reports Viewer. Although there are several versionsof the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer, the 2013 version is the latestversion. The SAP Crystal Reports Viewer is among the best softwarethat enables efficiency in project management because of its abilityto be compatible with several databases. This application applicablein many organizations and it is used because of its ability toanalyze and data in an accurate and perfect way.

SAPCrystal Reports Viewer is not only used in business organizations,but also in any other organization. Its demand in most industries isattributed to its ability to produce reports in RPT formats. It canexport information through the CSV, PDF, DOC,XLS, TXT, and HTMLformats. More so, it can work both offline and online. Besides beingcompatible with several databases, it offers an interphase betweentwo skins from which one can select. The SAP Crystal Reports Viewercan provide a customized reports for respective clients and sharereports with clients, suppliers, and employees. More so, it canupdate the reports automatically as long as they are shared on theSAP servers (Moore, 2012). Despite the fact that SAP Crystal ReportsViewer can be downloaded freely, the free download has somelimitations.

TheSAP Crystal Reports Viewer is best applicable in business operationsbecause of its efficiency and compatibility with many otherapplications. It simplifies the management processes at a very lowcost. Besides, there are limited needs for technological expertsupport because SAP Crystal Reports Viewer is simple to apply.Through the employment of SAP Crystal Reports Viewer in business, thebusiness is at a competitive advantage because its applicationsenable client satisfaction as a minimal cost (SAP, 2014).

Accordingto McAmis (2011), the business intelligence applied by the SAPCrystal Reports Viewer enables fast decision making by businesses inareas that are sensitive to the overall success or failure of thebusiness. The powerful multi visualization and the ability tointeract through diverse formats with minimal information technologysupport at a low cost. In real life, SAP Crystal Reports Viewerenables the stakeholders to access the desired business informationin real time and in any format. There are several benefits tobusinesses that employ SAP Crystal Reports Viewer, these include theability to collect diverse data from multiple sources and produce therequired analysis within a short time. Upon analyzing the data, thedata is shared to the respective shareholders who may need it to makebusiness decisions. Lastly, SAP Crystal Reports Viewer has thepotential to control the access of the business information.

TheSAP Crystal Reports Viewer is a great tool for organizations that areaimed at increasing productivity at minimal costs. This applicationis a prerequisite for any business in the 21stcentury because it has diverse uses that are critical in the successof business. The ability to customize the business reports throughcomprehensive and spectacular visual displays through rich formatsadds value to the users of the application. Through its varied uses,the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer can be used in most businessoperations such as purchases, sales management, accounting, andcustomer care management among others.


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