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Thetutorial describes the principle features of networking in asimplified and elaborate way. It begins with a history of networkingand ends with the latest features that entail the LAN/WAN features.Through the tutorial, an individual can comprehend how thecommunication has evolved through technological developmentsresulting to efficiency in communication through the networks. It isimperative to acknowledge that electronic communication began in thelate 19thcentury when the first telegraph technology was innovated by SamuelMorse in 1844. Overtime, continues improvement has played a key asevident in the present day communication employs technologicalintelligence.

Throughthe tutorial, there are many new terminologies that I have learnedand are critical in understanding the networking technology. Amongthem is the LAN topologies and LAN/WAN devices (Networking Basic,n.d). LAN topologies is the manner in which the components within anetwork are arranged, this can be through bus and tree topology, startopology, and ring topology (Dean, 2009, p. 301). Throughunderstanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the respectivetopology, I was able to comprehend why some organizations prefereither of the topologies in their operations. The LAN topologies andLAN/WAN devices are components that are critical to ensure that thenetwork is functional. Among the most critical devices are the hub,bridges, switchers and the routers. Each of these devices plays acritical role. The router that plays a more critical role than othercomponents nonetheless, the other devices play specified roles inthe network. These devices employ improved technology in respect tosecurity and intelligence to ensure that the limit the chances ofunauthorized access to the organization data. The intelligenceemployed by switches ensures efficiency between the ports.Understanding these terminologies has offered me a chance tounderstand communication between networks and what has been installedto enhance the communication.

Oneof the areas that the topic in networking does not discuss is aboutthe issue of security. Presently new applications have been developedand networks have taken a now level through increased efficiency.However, the issue of security through the networks is a majorproblem that the network managers need to address (Stallings, 2013).Presently, cases of cybercrime are on the rise, hence the technologygurus need to ensure that optimal security is enhanced within thenetworks to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders within anetwork.

Thetutorial is a valuable source of information about networking.Through the tutorial, one can acknowledge the development that hastaken place overtime in communication. The systematic explanationabout networking from the early period when electronic communicationwas innovated. These developments on networks act as catalysts fortechnologists of innovate better tools in the network to takecommunication to another level. It is imperative to note that thetutorial is a great source of information to any student who lacksthe basic skills of networking. The paper is well organized, writtenin impeccable language, and well presented with visual aids however,the article lacks references hence making it a questionable academicmaterial. More so, the author of the tutorial to be updated withlatest technological developments in networking to ensure the leadersget the most updated information on networking. Irrespective of thelittle challenges in the tutorial, many readers will agree that thetutorial is relevant to networking.


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