ITM 442 M4 SLP

ITM 442 M4 SLP 4


Whatdo you think of the site and tools presented this time around?

Ithink the site has utilized space well this is because the sitesstarts with critical elements such as navigation menus. Elements arealso well organized in a manner that allows a certain spacing fromone elements to another. This enables words or elements to stand outclearly withion the site. Besides, I think the site is easy to usefor any given user since the navigation is easy the navigation keysare not many. This makes the site easy to comprehend and use. On theother hand, I think the site is good for any user because it allowsthe user to search within the site any information that he needs tofind in the site. In addition, I think the tools used in the site areuser friendly because one can easily learn about them.

Whatdo you think can be learned from these tools?

Alot of things can be learnt from these tools. One of the things thatcan be learnt from these tools is that tools should be easy to useand selfs explanatory to users. The tools provide features that areeasy to use since they provide an easy guide that users can followeven if they do not have much knowledge on the tools. For example,users can be capable of enabling HTML syntax validation throughfollowing the guide provided by the JSP tool. Besides, I learnt thattools should be self explanatory. The information provided by thetools should not confuse the users, but should be useful in helpingusers utilize the tools. This implies that the tools should becapabale of providing different options to the user in order to makeutilization of the tools easy.

Inwhat situations do you think these tools are useful?

Ithink these tools are critical, when a business is defining a newserver. Through using the tools, a business can be capable ofchoosing the type of server that it desires to create. The tools canalso be used by businesses in updating anda managing its customersand suppliers. Through using the tools, it is possible for a businessto complete and manage its customers and suppliers through usingdifferent categories that are presented in a table. Besides, when abusiness desires to add description to a given item, these tools canbe used.

Howcan and/or could you apply these tools in your organization, career,or personal life?

Ican apply these tools in enhancing the performance of theorganization. For instance, through using the tools, it is possibleto manage information of the organization. This is critical to thebusiness because it can help in reducing operating cost throughsaving time. Besides, the tools can help in enhancing the operationsof the organization since they can help in creating a server that itmay desire to have, which may be a competitive tool against otherorganiazations.

Whatis your overall evaluation of the tools? (Make sure you givespecifics and the basis of your evaluation).

Ifeel that the tools are critical to any business due to their wideapplication. Thse tools can be used for various purposes such asvalidating data, creating xml files, creating a new server,classifying and descrribings items in a business among others. Theseare critical aspects of a business in tahe daily operations. However,these tools need to be used in vast businesses due to their vastcommunication and operation needs.


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