Job Application




Duringa job application procedure, the applicant needs some documents toshow who he or she is to the employer in terms of paper. Some of thedocuments needed include the curriculum vitae, an application letterand a cover letter. In the application letter there is the sectionwhere the applicant is supposed to include the reference list bywhich the employer can get more information concerning the applicantfrom the indicated persons. When one is choosing the persons to bethe referees, he or she should consider the following aspects: don’tgive reference that is very personal, give referees who are ofdifferent fields, be in good relationship with the referees, choosepeople who are easy to reach and finally give a timely and up-to-datereference. These are the aspects which make the reference in thepaper professional.

Moreover,the cover letter in the pages of the book indicated above stands outto be more professional as the writer followed some guidelines inwriting it (Farr, 2011). The guidelines are that he made the letterpersonal and explained everything from a personal view did away withguff and exhortation making it clear and easy to understand, tiedtogether all loose ends, focused on the specifics of the role, wasbrief and finally gave it the required format.

Onthe other hand, the unprofessional cover letter and reference havethe characteristics of not making them clear and precise, failing tomake them personal, failing to give it the correct format and givingunqualified referees. As it is important to give proper documents tothe employer, the cover letters and the reference sheet should beappropriate as they give the employer a good and clear picture of theperson seeking employment opportunity.


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