JobDescription for It Manager

Therole of an IT manager in firm cannot fail to be underscored. The ITmanager is responsible for the full operational of the technicalsystems in organization. In some instance the whole functionality ofthe firm is dependent on efficiency of ICT department. As a result,the hiring of the individual in charge of the department specialreference must be paid to critical details .The professionalism andsuitability of the individual must be considered. This will enablethe firm to easily manage its IT affairs. Additionally, themanagement can be able to delegate various responsibilities to the ITmanager. As a result, while hiring an IT manager it is important tohave a properly given job description and task outlined. This willenable the IT manager to understand the scope of his work and give itfull effort. Moreover, a well defined job description enables themanagement to hold the individuals culpable of various events.Furthermore, the job description enables the implementation ofvarious controls as demanded by the management. The management isable to define the clear outlines of job holder. As a result, it isable to regulate the individual overstepping their mandate since thejob description limits one’s power and freedom in the organization.Due to that unnecessary conflict is reduced in the organization dueto the clear cut job description to each office holder(DuBrin, 2012).In this paper, the job description of an IT manager will beelaborated. The various target task set required to be met will beoutlined.

TheIT manager will have a number task set out for them. To begin withthe manager is required to be in charge of the maintenance and theupgrading of IT systems. The manager is required to advice themanagement from time to on the required IT system upgrades to help the firm improve on overall efficiency .This will enable the firmprovide better quality goods and services. Additionally, the ITmanager is required to guide the routine maintenance of the systemsto ensure that they are in good working conditions to preventbreakdowns in operations of the firm. The IT manager will also berequired to ensure that all IT systems in the organization areprovided the requisite support from the IT team. Moreover, the ITmanager shall control the software applications used in theorganization to databases telephones. In instances that a firmrequires to develop new websites and application, it is under the ITmanger’s jurisdiction to ensure that the projects are delivered ontime. Furthermore, the IT manger is required to oversee themanagement, training and development of IT employees. The managerwill ensure strict adherence to the organization code of conduct bythe employees at all times. Additionally the manager shall ensurethat the members of staff are facilitated to get proper training tohandle emerging trends in industry.

Additionallythe manager shall ensure that standard operating processes of ITequipments in the organizations are well written down and educated toall staff (DuBrin,2012).&nbsp.Additionally, all staffs shall be taught on the best practices inusage of the IT equipment. This will ensure that the equipment ismaintained in good order and used for longer time enabling the firmto cut on cost (DuBrin,2012).User manuals shall be developed and written down for the members ofstaff to read and understand making the IT equipment user friendly.The IT manager shall also ensure that clear documentation pertainingsystem upgrades and modifications are kept for future perusal. Moreimportantly, the manager will be required to keep properdocumentation pertainingto the license agreement s to enable thefirm avoid legal battles in future concerning the licenses. The ITmanager is also tasked with keeping abreast with the latesttechnological advancement in the industry to enable the firmfavorably. They shall evaluate the potential new technologies thatcan be introduced into the firm.

Additionally,the IT manager is required to manage the financial spending of thedepartment. They should control the procurement processes, thepurchases made in addition to conduct budget preparations and reviewaccordingly. This will ensure that the department spending andplanned budgets are in line with the overall management’s goal(DuBrin,2012).The IT manager will be required to ensure that the budget of thedepartment is maintained at optimal levels manageable to the fullorganizations budget(DuBrin, 2012).&nbspTheyshould be able to cut on unnecessary spending and facilitate rationalspending. Furthermore, the IT manager shall be required to guide themanagement in all negotiations pertaining to IT equipments suppliesand agreements with service providers. Furthermore, the manager isrequired to hit various targets as set by the management. They arerequired to be capable of working under tight deadlines anddelivering quality work. Additionally, the individuals are expectedto be team players. The attribute will enable them to get the bestout of their line staff. Finally, the IT manager is required to haveefficient communication skills that will enable them articulateadvisory issues to the management and their line staff as well.


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