Legal Issues 3



Being“under the influence,” means being incapable of driving safelydue to the effects of substances such as alcohol. A driver whoseblood has a level of up to 0.08 percent leads the driver to be underthe influence when driving. Approaches differ when dealing withmarijuana effects (Champion etal. 2012).With the assumption that was under the influence of a drugsuch as bang while driving and having pleaded guilty, theprosecutor’s responsibility is to establish the behavior wasin to ascertain he was under the influence of Marijuana, for example,may be if he had an impaired balance or speech.

’slicense may be suspended or is meant to utilize an ignition interlockdevice for the accused vehicle not to jumpstart with no cleanBreathalyzer sample. ’s behavior may subject him to pay apenalty of any amount the prosecutor will state, be jailed for awhile, subjected to community services, put on probation or go fordrug and alcohol abuse programs, house arrest or vehicle impoundment(Yücel&ampBrewer,2007).It should be noted that the above punishments depends on whether theaccused was a first or of subsequent violation. being asubsequent violator of the law may be subjected to stiff penalties,unlike a first timer.

Themost appropriate way/ form of punishment for is to enroll himto alcohol classes and prevention programs as well as communityservice or restitution that will serve as the recommended steps. Jailtime or fines may not solve the long term effect to the victim. 17%of state prisoners for example in 2004 had obtained money for drugssuch as Marijuana. This implies that the use of drugs takesprecedence.


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