Justice Voted




Courtruling involves the making of several decisions which are influencedby the case at hand and also the judicial precedent. In most cases,judges issue their opinion based on the rulings made for similarcases. An opinion may be issued in an oral or written form dependingon the sensitivity and weight of the matter concerned. A writtenopinion is usually detailed as it gives a clear meaning of the legaldetails pertaining a specific ruling. Legally, it is important toanalyze a specific opinion on similar previous cases beforeconcluding on a ruling (Harr, Hess, &amp Orthmann, 2012). However,the solitary authorship of an opinion belongs to the judge issuingthat opinion.

Studyingthe majority votes in a court ruling helps in understanding the basisof the decision. Majority opinion is guided by the presence ofmajority of judges agreeing to the decision of another majority. Thisin the study of the legality of court rulings helps in understandingthe reasons behind a certain ruling. It is also an avenue for anupcoming lawyer to research in the discipline of law. The majorityopinion is guided by the principle of judicial precedent as similarcases have similar rulings (Bardes, Schmidt &amp Shelley, 2012). Itis also a bridge between the ruling issued and other opinions thatfail to be addressed to the public.

Thebench issuing the majority ruling opinion bears the other opinions toavoid the instance of embarrassment and loss of faith in the judicialsystem. It is, therefore, the ground to base a similar future caserelated to the matters at hand. Lawyers use the material factscontained in the majority opinion in making their preparation forsimilar cases. It also serves as a guideline of the rules to befollowed and the way one should take the defense.


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