Justification for Taking Time Off from Work and School

Justificationfor Taking Time Off from Work and School

Inthe past few months I have been wallowing in a psychologicalquagmire, wondering what it is that can make me happy in life andwhat I really want to do. It has come to my notice that my workoutput is diminishing at a significant rate due to lack ofself-motivation, zeal and enthusiasm to perform my duties at work andschool. It has also dawned on me that I might need some rethinking soas to be in a position to make an apt decision on how I want my lifeto be and what I want to do with it. It is in this light that I`mseeking for permission to take time off for a family holiday where Ican have time with people who are close to me and who can help merealize what I want.

It may come as a surprise as to why I’m requesting for permissionat this time of the year when there is a lot of work both at theworkplace and at school. You may also be asking yourself want hasprompted me to take a family holiday. First, this is the only timethat I can be able to reunite with all the members of our family, whoI have spent most of my life with, and who are in a better positionto understand my current situation and hence advice me accordingly.More, specifically, my parents who are already retired and who havevast experience on different approaches of life and how to handlevarious situations to yield maximum benefits

Second,as you might have realized my performance and output at the workplacehas been mediocre. In my current position at the workplace I havetried to find impetus, so as to remain on course towards therealization of the company goals, but I have found it increasinglydifficult to maintain tempo and zeal to successfully complete all mytasks. It is with deep sadness that I have been utterly unable tofind inner peace or happiness both at work. On the other hand, atschool I have lost momentum, drive and enthusiasm to participate inany academic activity. It is from the foregoing that I have found itparamount to take time off from school and work so that I can reviewmy stance and determine whether I`m in the right path towardsachieving my personal goals. Time with my friends and family membersmight help me make decisions on how to deal with my issues so that Ido not inflict pain on others out of desperation.

Finally, a family holiday shall bring awareness of a change in mycapabilities. Family members might help me notice ideas and tasksthat used to bring joy in my life. In the relaxed mood of theholiday, devoid of life pressures and stress, I can rejuvenate mymind so that I figure out what I want to do. Giving meaning to lifehas been identified as a significant element of psychological health(Routledge et.al, 639). It is paramount that I talk to those that areclose to me before an important crisis pops into my life and grindsme to a halt. Time off from school and work will therefore play asignificant role in helping me make an apt decision on theappropriate direction I want my life to take.


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