Juvenile Case




Theissue with trying and imprisoning teenagers as adults is that it canbe fulfilling or further destroying a person’s future. Adolescentsare treated as grownups when they commit violent or serious crimes.However, even if a kid committed a serious crime and he/ she isimprisoned as a grownup, there are chances that he/ she will commitfurther crimes in the future. This is because the child becomeshardened and is exposed to the real criminals who may introduce theminto further illegal deals while still in prison.

Additionally,adult prisons do not have the facilities needed for juveniles. Forinstance, a juvenile who has committed a crime and sentenced as agrown-up, he/ she needs educational and counseling resources that areavailable in the juvenile’s facilities. Moreover, juvenile’sfacilities are designed for teenagers. This means that they have thenecessary facilities to help rehabilitate the juveniles Hile, 2003)Hile, 2003)

Moreover,Stephanie Chen (2010) argues that a teenager’s brain is like amotor vehicle with the best but poor brakes. This means thatteenagers may be quick to react but fail to consider the consequencesof their actions. The author still argues that teenagers have quickimpulses but poor control. However, majority of the adults withrational thinking can have the capacity consider the outcome of theirresults. Consequently, the thinking of a 10-year-old cannot becompared to that of a grown-up. Hence, the child does not have themental capacity to stand trial as grown-ups Chen S. (2010).a

Inconclusion, children cases should not be moved to adult court basedon the weight of their research. Moreover, if the juveniles arejailed in the adults’ settings, they may develop unhealthyrelationship that will encourage them to advance their crime. Whenjuveniles are tried and jailed as per their age, they would end up infacilities that are focused on rehabilitating teenagers.


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