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Beingan administrator of a hospital, it is my mandate to give shrinks andother medical workers some insurance benefits. One of theseprivileges is medical privileges. Despite the fact that it is thedoctors’ right to have a medical insurance, not all of them qualifyfor such since these privileges are limited only to pros who meet thenecessities that are stipulated in the respective firms’requirements[CITATION Geo11 l 1033 ].

Iam an administrator of Minneapolis Medical hospital. There are localdoctors that submit an application for medical insurance cover thusgiving me a responsibility to look into details about these shrinks’competence before I award them this privilege. The listed belowrequirements are needed before a doctor can get the medical coverinsurance

  • Experience.

Fora physician to be able to qualify for an insurance cover, I have tolook at his or her experience. This as well includes the doctor’sresume. His or her resume has to be detailed and up-to-date

  • Doctors License situation

  • Certification Board

  • Any unprofessional conduct or disciplinary taken against the physician. This can as well be termed as unintentional tort. Any form of malpractice suits and medical negligence is so much looked at.

  • Accreditation board

  • Recommendations or references.

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SantosMedical hospital worksin the rulesestablishedby the National andCentral government together with the regulationssanctioned by theframe that governs us. These regulationsas wellstandards for grantingprivileges to doctors are drafted and they are obtainupon demand. Theboardof quality assurance has created principles and rules fornomination and confirmation of doctors’ privileges.This means thatas an insurance representative, I find doctors of Santos MedicalHospital competent enough to receive medical staff privileges.I havepersonally gone through the list of requirements that theadministrator has for the shrinks to qualify, and am happy to saythey are not against our bylaws. In my view, I approvethat the infogiven is true, thusevadefabrication of accreditation or prerequisite.

Ipersonally carry out a one on one interview with the shrinks andverify the info given. If they do not meet our requirements, I thenremove them from the list thus denying them theprivilege.Furthermore, despite the fact that the law does not requirethis, I advise that every doctor from Santos Medical Hospital oughtto be on acontinuing educational program. This will make them morerelevant in their field of expertise (Lowy, 2005).

Inaddition, I make sure that I keep all the records relating to anydoctor that has been granted medical privilege. These records areonly obtainable by request especially by law. As said earlier, thishospital meets all the requirements and guidelines set by thecompany’s laws. I am thereforepleased to be a part of thisremarkableprocedure and assertivethat the hospital will enjoy ourservices.

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Aftergoing through other posts, I have come to a conclusion that insurancecarriers are not unfair to hospital. Like any other business, the aimis to make a profit and it will not be wise to relent on their bylawsjust to please the hospitals. This means that hospitals must be keenwhen applying for insurance policies to their medical workers.

Onthe other hand, there is a very thin line between privilege andhealth according to Angell (1993). Most insurance carriers have madeit a bit hard for low income earners to receive insurance privileges.On this note, they need to lower the par for their requirements. Ihave based my argument of scenario 3 part entirely on my fellowstudent’s post. If insurance carriers will continue to raise theirrequirements, then it is so possible that most hospitals will nothave a health or medical insurance for the physicians. Health shouldbe a basic need and not a privilege that only a few can afford(Tabitha).

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