Leadership Exercise 1.1 and 1.3


LeadershipExercise 1.1 and 1.3

LeadershipExercise 1.1 and 1.3

Accordingto Nahavandi (2014), good leadership focuses on the abilities andcharacteristics of a leader to influence the behavior and actions ofothers. Good leaders must have strong human skills in order for themto interact and understand the people they lead. Good leaders mustalso have excellent communication skills so that they can interactand influence individuals or groups. In addition, good leaders shouldbe good planners to set effective goals. Fourthly, good leaders musthave personal traits such as honesty so that they can win the trustof their follower for them to impart their influence (Nahavandi,2014). Additionally, good leaders should be able to manage change soas to lead their followers to the future. Therefore, good leadersshould be charismatic and transformational in their influence overindividuals or groups.

Froma discussion with group members, several images of who a leaderemerges, but there is one common focal point all the diversities. Thecommon point is that a leader should have the ability to influenceindividuals and groups by possessing characteristics that facilitatethis function. All the traits listed circle around the facilitationof leadership by making a leader more influential and human in his orher art of leading.

However,the personal leadership styles of different people seem to influencetheir image of a leader. This is because different people adoptdifferent styles based on the organizational culture and structure.This is because different people are influenced by the past leadersin an organizational setting. What this highlights is the potentialshortcomings of each of the images that are generated by differentpeople in regard to the definition of a leader. These limitations arebased on the common limitation of the influence of personal biases onthe description of who is a leader.


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