Nursingis a profession that I have always looked upon because it is ademanding career in the contemporary society. I am a very socialperson, and I love the satisfaction of helping people therefore, Ibelieve that a career in nursing program will offer me the skills tohelps others. My dreams of becoming a nurse began from an early age,and I have always been interested in pursuing a career in nursingfiled. For as long as I can remember, my interest of becoming a nursebegan when I was 13 years old. I recall this was the time when I lostmy uncle from a threatening cancer disease. He died because of lackof qualified physicians in a hospital setting and since then, Irealized that if only I could pursue a career in the nursing field, Iwould save lives of many people in the community. Overtime, when Ijoined my college level, I came across a certain textbook known as“Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership” by Marriner-Tomey.The author of this book inspired me because I learnt many strategiesvital for advancing nursing and management skills. The book alsoinspired me because it revealed practical management practices innursing filed and other workplace issues including trauma management,as well as, evidence-based practices in the health care settings.

Mylife experiences have helped me to realize that nursing is mycalling. I always feel happy when given the opportunity to take careand help the needy people. Therefore, it would be of great benefit ifI will get an opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of completinga nursing program in order to achieve my future career effectively. Ihave learnt through life experience that nursing is a significantcareer in the current society thus, as a potential nursing student,I will always strive to become an incredible asset to the community.It is among the best extracurricular activities in which a nursingstudent can engross for numerous reasons. One of them it thatstudying nursing is effective because it can offer student anopportunity to clinical exposure. Another aspect is that studyingnursing is an interesting career because it will help a would-benurse to understand the needs of people and support them in order toachieve their health needs.

Myeducation experience in nursing has not only enabled me to acquiresignificant skills but also understand the needs of patients in thesociety. I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2012 but laterjoined Lehman College where I am currently pursuing bachelor’sdegree in nursing. However, I did not do well in the one semesterbecause I went through health issues in the year of 2013. The healthissues affected my studies because of the ongoing and lifethreatening disease that I have learned to deal with, as well as,treat it. I have been in the Lehman College for four years nowmajoring nursing. Whilst at the Stony Brook University, one of mytutors who were training us in nursing course became my greatestmentor in the nursing field. Besides, I have done many researchprojects on nursing related aspects and worked in variousorganizations that have helped me to gain significant experience ofdealing with people. I worked in the resorts world occasion in theNew York City as a slot ambassador. My responsibilities involvedassisting casino patrons, cultivate, and develop good customerrelations with them in order to entice increased clientele.

Additionally,in 2012, I worked as a resident assistant in Stony Brook Universitywhere I counseled residents regarding personal, social, and academicrelated aspects. I acted as a resource agent for residents and guidedthem towards achieving the necessary professionals. Ienforcedresidence life regulations, and managed a campus hall of culturallydiverse students. In the same year at Stony Brook, I worked as astaff assistant where I promoted social activities across campus bymeans of creative media. I received incoming phone calls, directedvisitors, employees, and other guests, as well as deliveredeffectiveadministrative services inthe manager’s office. I volunteered inQueens Centers for progress-UCPQ from the beginning on March to thepresent as a Medicaid and social security workshop volunteer. Myresponsibility includes assisting parents with any questionconcerning the workshop and supporting in completion ofadministrative tasks. The work experience has greatly influenced mycareer because the opportunity has taught me the significant ofteamwork, building mutual rapport with others, listening carefullyand communicating effectively with my co-workers. This workexperience is vital in my nursing career because nursing involvesdealing with different people thus, enabling me to achieve theirintended needs effectively.

Ibelieve that with my strong research projects on the nursing fieldand ability to communicate effectively will make me well suited topursue my dreams in nursing education field. I have participated indifferent activities while in college including community serviceoutreach director, American student organization member, and vicepresident, as well as, team captain in Stony Brook in differentconsecutive periods. Despite the health issues that I have learnt todeal with, I have always been a very determined person in the class.I have professional skills in teamwork, planning and organizing. Ihave effective communication and listening skills, which are thesignificant skills in the nursing field. I am proficient in Microsoftword and good in English and Spanish language.

Althoughnursing is a challenging field, I can recall the encouragement wordsfrom my tutor at Lehman College that all the impossibilities arepossibilities if only one totally devotes himself/herself towardsachieving his/her professional goals. There are many things that adevoted nurse should accomplish in the nursing field because Iremember during my internship in Queens Centers for progress-UCPQ, Iworked tirelessly, and I had little time for resting. I know there isnothing, which is easy or simple, but it is only through hardworking, devotion and commitment that a determined student canachieve his/her career objectives. Therefore, I believe that I wouldgreatly benefit from the nursing program if I work hard towardsfulfilling my dreams of helping and saving the life of helplesspatients in the community.

Iam therefore, obliged to utilize my talents in a constructive mannerthat will benefit the entire community. The nursing program willoffer me an opportunity to express my talents and work towardsachieving my future professional career while benefiting the society.I will be graduating this September with a bachelor’s degree innursing from Lehman College. Therefore, I believe that by pursuingfurther studies in nursing program, I will advance my skills in thenursing profession and prepare for effective patient-centered healthcare delivery in the community. I am obliged to achieve my careergoals because through close association with patients where I wasworking during the internship I was inspired to devote myself as anurse in my entire life. Together with the education and workexperience that I have gained from the previous learninginstitutions, I believe that I will build my talent.