Whereare You Going, Where Have You Been?

Inthe book “Where are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Connie stateof mind could be described as split. She behaves in a totallydifferent style while at home and while away. She uses her dressing,walking style and laughing to impress men .However, as much as shebehaves to understand sexuality she knows little about it untilArnold intrudes into her. She is overwhelmed by attraction comingfrom an older man Arnold until she calls her parents. She displays achild like behavior in terms of sexuality. She is unable to controlher feelings. She went outside to him due to his offer to take heroutside childhood. Additionally, he was older and highly sexualizedas she admired.

GoodCountry People

Joyfrom “Good Country People” with her PHD was no match for theshrewd behavior of Manley Pointer due to the following reasons. Tobegin with, Joy from the Good Country People was brilliant .However,she lacked a grain of sense hence she could not match the ManleyPointer. Additionally, Joy was ridiculously rebellious to the cultureof the society through wearing in appropriate clothes. Furthermore,Joy lacks awareness despite her good education she is described asblind. To this extent she exposes herself to attack by the ManleyPointer that she can’t rebuff.

FriedGreen Tomatoes

Inthe book “fried Green Tomatoes” Sipsey is an outstandingcharacter that paints a character of an easy going person .She doesnot easy pick offence against her peers. She is not violent towardsher peers that tease them due to race. She is brave towards hostilepeople. Anexample is when she manages to kill Ruth’s husband fortorturing and wanting to kidnap their child of previous relationship.Additionally, to her friends she is sympathizing and does not want tosee them lose battle or suffer.