Making Decisions and Solving Problems Creatively

MakingDecisions and Solving Problems Creatively

MakingDecisions and Solving Problems Creatively

Problemscan also be opportunities since they allow us to view challengesdifferently and do things in a different way and maybe make a freshstart. Nonetheless, the ability to change problems to opportunitiesdepends on how we deal with such challenges and obstacles. This hasmade problem-solving and creativity one of the most essential skillsin life.

Outstandingly,I am a very determined and result oriented person. Am very strong inthis area since I hardly give up when encountering problems in whichthere aren’t any immediate solutions this comes with being veryunrelenting, persistent and usually being focused on getting thedesired outcome. Additionally, upon deciding on or finding asolution, I press forward to make it happen no matter the oppositionand obstacles faced. To achieve my goal and desired outcome, I amalso very strong in being resourceful. It is amazing how I adapt tonew and difficult situations by devising ways to overcome obstacles.To make such an approach effective, I anticipate such obstacles andsystematically search for issues that may become future problemswhich helps me evaluate potential solutions against predefinedstandards.

Nonetheless,there are a few problem-solving and creativity areas that I need toimprove on. The first is the ability to take initiative to look forsolutions. It is quite difficult to step out of the crowd and takeaction on a problem affecting a large group. In addition, I am verysluggish on looking for opportunities to make a difference in otherpeople’s lives unlike the way I do it in mine. Therefore, I feelthat I need to minimize potential problems by preparing adequately,look beyond the obvious problems and go beyond expectations in eachof my tasks, projects and responsibilities. Secondly, the fear totake initiative is associated with doubting my analytical andcreativity skills. I need to polish up these skills such as by beingan original thinker, using analytical and creative thinking toanalyze situations and looking at problems from differentperspectives so as to generate multiple solutions.

Incase only one thing was necessary to achieve more improvement in theaforementioned areas, it would be improving my intrapersonal andinterpersonal effectiveness. By understanding myself, setting goalsand trusting myself, I would be able to test my analytical skillswithout uncertainty on whether I can do it. On the other hand,understanding others and knowing how to effectively communicate myconcerns will help me in taking initiatives.

Improvingmy intrapersonal and interpersonal effectiveness would probablyresult in me believing in my analytical and creativity skills andtherefore I will be able to generate and develop “wild” ideaswhich are foundations of solving problems. Moreover, I will feelmotivated into looking for opportunities to make a difference formyself and others.

Itwould be very unwise to play down the importance of changing thisarea because it would affect my personal and professional lifenegatively. I will be unable to solve problems that are everydaysituations in professions by just sitting and waiting forinstructions, being someone who can’t help the team perform betterand being unable to fix inefficient processes which can be veryembarrassing in any professional life. My personal life would alsohave many problems piled up due to procrastination and lack ofself-belief.

Tosum up, the effect of having outstanding problem-solving andcreativity skills should not be underestimated. Knowledge about howto assess, change and improve such skills in essential in ourpersonal and professional lives. This reflection paper haseffectively aligned concept and theories learned to draw connectionsbetween the knowledge acquired regarding such skills and theirmanifestation in my life.


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