Marketing Paper



Thebusiness will apply the following segments


Thebusiness will appeal to the youths aged between the age of 16-30years. This is because the youths of this age group are usuallyactive sexually and may fear seeking assistance from hospitalsoffering AIDS treatment. Besides, the business will also targetindividuals from poor backgrounds since in most cases, they are notcapable of seeking basic treatment and support from health centersdue to lack of resources. On the other hand, the business will focuson all individuals, despite their personality since the organizationwill be looking forward to assist individuals regardless of theirpersonalities.


Thebusiness will be located in South Africa near the Soweto Slum. Thebusiness will first of all focus on the slum area before moving toits outskirts. The area of focus of the business is denselypopulated. The reason for choosing this geographic area emanates fromits big number of individuals requiring the services that thebusiness is going to offer.


Oneof the benefits of this business to customers is that customers willbe capable of receiving basic AIDS treatment and support at no cost.Another benefit is that customers will be capable of receiving highservices without the need of going far since the business will belocated within an accessible area near the slum. In addition,customers will benefit from the business since they will be capableof accessing quality services emanating from qualified professionalsthat the business will have.

Thethree competitors for the business will include Siyathemba, CatholicRelief Services, and Aids Healthcare Foundation. The business will becapable of competing from these rivals through establishing itspresence in different locations. Although the business will have acentral location near the Soweto slum, it will extend to differentareas around South Africa in an attempt to reach as many individualsrequiring Aids basic treatment and care. Besides, the business willalso be capable of competing with these rivals through reaching outto the target group through the social media and through sports. Inaddition, the business will have a competitive advantage since itwill receive assistance from the government this is critical sinceit will help the business to win the confidence of many clients,which will make clients seek services of the business. On the otherhand, due to the government’s support, the business will be capableof achieving a fast growth.

Thefollowing marketing messages will be used in the marketing campaign“the best services are here”, “get the best care for free”,and “get quality basic Aids Treatment”. I chose these messagesbecause they are persuading to clients to visit the Aids AwarenessCenter. Besides, I chose these messages because they are informativethey are capable of informing the target group what to expect.

Thethree mediums of communication for this business will be throughemails, Social media, and face to face communication. I chose thesemediums of communication since they are very common and availableamong the target group. On the other hand, branding of the businesswill be done through considering the services of the business. Thename of the business will be theAIDS Outreach Center.

I will gauge the success of themarketing plan through carrying out an online survey in order to findout what percentage of the population is well informed about theexistence of the business. In case there is a high percentage, thenthe marketing plan will be taken as successful. Besides, the successof the marketing plan can be gauged through the number of clientsthat visit the center. In case the marketing plan is successful, thenthere will be a vast number of people seeking services of the center.

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