Mass Media & Politics article analysis

MassMedia &amp Politics article analysis

TheSyrian Civil War, initially known as the Syrian Uprising, is aprogressing armed clash that is occurring in Syria. The distressstarted in the early spring of 2011 with across the nation dissentsagainst the government of President Bashar al-Assad`s, whose forcesreacted with fierce crackdowns. The clash steadily changed frompopular protests to an armed rebellion after months of militaryattacks. The armed opposition comprises of different groups that werestructured during the ongoing clash, fundamentally the Islamic Frontand the Free Syrian Army.

TheNewYork Times,a United States-based media reported that the situation in Syria isworsening, and there was a need for emergency relief (Gladstone 11).TheDaily Starreported that despite some modest improvement, both rebellious sidesand the Syrian government were still hindering urgent provisions ofmedicine and food to millions of affected civilians. On the otherhand, Aljazeera,a Mideast media reported that the top crisis help official at theUnited Nations had communicated new caution on Tuesday because of theemergency created by Syria`s civil war (Nashashibi 6).

Thereis variation noted on how different media houses from distinctiveparts of the world reported regarding the Syrian civil war. Forinstance, the United States-based media centered on how the UnitedStates government was involved in offering relief to the affectedregions of Syria (Gladstone 3). Since the media has the ability tomanipulate the image of the situation of the ongoing Civil war, thepsychology of individuals will be satisfied with the leadership andthe governance of the United States government. This is known asMedia Based Politics.

Alternatively,media reports from the Mideast concentrated on pleading for aid,mediating Syria and the harm that the Civil War had caused. Theirreports were against the war and highlighted a few demands thatrebels wanted to be fulfilled. However, the greater part of thereports reasoned that an intervention was mediation was nearly animpossible task. They furthermore centered around urging the UnitedNations and different non-governmental organizations to offer help onthe affected areas (Nashashibi 6).


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