Question1: The Death of Newspapers

Thedeath of the newspapers has raised much concern as an industry thathas encountered soaring prices of the newsprint, precipitous declinein circulation and the loss of classified advertising, as well asslumping advertisement sales. Recently, the number of newspaperslined up for closure, where bankruptcy has risen, and industry hasretrenched most of its journalists. This is more evident when Gannettannounced its intention of splitting the company in two: newspapersand digital broadcasting (Eyder, 2014). Therefore, the company’splans to double the number of television stations it is a goodevidence showing the trends of the newspaper industry is movingtowards the utilization of technology in transmission of breakingnews due to increased competition from the digital media.

Question2: Effectiveness

Oneof the big and developing news story is that of French launching itsfirst strikes on ISIS (Jonathan, 2014). This breaking news story canbe delivered to the audience through social media (online), radio,traditional media, or television. The most effective broadcastingmedia is television. There are several reasons that can be used tosupport this premise. Television broadcasts breaking news in realtime, covering a wide range of geographical areas to many people atthe same time. In addition, television as a broadcasting media helpsthe audience to understand the developing news story in a very shorttime with the assistance of real time videos such as those ofair-strikes in the terrorist territory.

Question3: Effectiveness

Thehash tags on the twitter has been associated with domestic violence.It is has been approximated that twenty-five percent of women andfourteen percent men are likely to encounter domestic violence,although most of them suffer silently (Nina, 2014). In overall, thevictims of domestic violence leave their insults, utilizing#WhyIStayed hashtag, several times before they leave twitter forgood. Some of the victims are staying in a relationship with theirabusive husbands using #WhyIstayed hashtag explaining why they decideto do so (Nave, 2014). Some use #WhyILeft hashtag to gives reasonsfor break ups and divorce. Others use #HowIleft hash tags to show howthey managed to come out relationships after domestic violence.

Question4: The Contemporary Journalist

Journalistshave established principles that help stop censoring their choices,more so in the developing digital settings. The principles ofjournalism have made it easy for journalists to minimize copyrightinfringement risk by exercising professional standards. In myopinion, news journalists face several situations in employing fairuse of the information. For example, there are issues regarding theincidental capture, historical reference, and developing story. Inaddition, news journalist have been accused of delivering incredibleinformation regarding the true side of the developing stories to thepublic (Sanders,2003).Some stories are believed to be far away from these principles suchas misrepresentation of Zimmerman case.

Question5: Credibility

Theinternet is becoming a highly reliable source of information for manypeople in the world. However, there is credibility issues associatedwith information found on the internet. Internet has become an easymeans of obtaining information than the traditional means of going tothe library, but not all information found on the internet exhibithigh levels of credibility. Some of the information provided on theinternet represent personal opinions. Therefore, the information fromthe internet requires raises questions as internet is an easy meansthrough which a common person can present about anything withoutproper referencing of genuine sources. Therefore, personal opinionsbecome elements of the developing story rather than efforts ofresearch from facts. For this and among other reasons makes internetinformation to raise concern over credibility issues (Wright,2008).


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