Media Coverage on ISIS

MediaCoverage on ISIS


TheIslamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant (ISIS//L) has dominated newsheadlines all over the word in the recent past. How this group isviewed and portrayed by the media varies from one country to theother and from one media house to the other.

InDaily News Egypt, a news article by Zaki candidly labels ISIS as an“extremist group” and cites its support for Egyptian rebelsadvising them “raid their homes… Cut off their heads…..blowuptheir homes” (Zaki, 2014). These words alone are expected to rallythe public against ISIS in a similar manner as the US media. A secondnews article from Egypt by El Gendi in Egypt Today portrays ISIS as adangerous extremist group but falls short of labeling it as aterrorist outfit as is common in west’s media. The articlehighlights the non partisan approach the Egyptian government hastaken with El-Sisi fronting a neutral position.

Americanmedia has not shied to label ISIS terrorist group taking cue from thegovernment. Although Mekhennet (2014) identifies ISIS as a terrorgroup, she takes a slightly different approach on the issue notingthat the US government created ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other offshootterror groups. During the US occupation of Iraq which led to ousterof Saddam Hussein, the US government supported and armed rebelsopposed to Saddam. The same situation has been repeated in Syria andit is the same rebels who have regrouped as ISIS. Therefore, the USis equally liable to the atrocities carried out by ISIS. AnotherAmerican media article labels ISIS as a terrorist group similar toHamas. Bennet (2014) says “When it comes to ISIS, war is war, evilis evil and ISIS needs to be eliminated. The situation is black andwhite.” Such passionate and emotional approach to the problem isclearly prompted by the reported atrocities that the ISIS has beeninvolved in including murdering western journalists live on camera.

Comparingthe articles from different countries and media outlets shows thatthere is obvious on how local national politics impact reporting. InEgypt, the media avoids the term terrorist group altogether in lightof the fact that the government has not taken a definite stand. Inthe US, the media has followed the government condemnation of ISISaccordingly.


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