Mental Health Admission Essay


MentalHealth Admission Essay


Mydesire to study nursing and particularly mental health was cultivatedin me since high school. The dream was instigated by the desire tounderstand and help people who suffered from great depression

WhenI joined high school, I was not completely sure that I wanted tostudy nursing until one of my closest friends almost lost his lifethrough depression caused by bereavement. The patient lost hismother, who, according to him, was the only supportive parent he had.He could not bear the loss of his mother, which later turned him intodepression. He isolated himself from all his friends and claimed thatno one cared. No one thought this was serious until he attemptedsuicide. He later on received therapy and was back on track. I blamedmyself for not being able to help my needy friend. This eventintrigued my passion for mental health nursing in the most impactfulof ways. Since then, I have always been aware of my surrounding andon the lookout for anyone who would be in need of my help.

Whilein college, I learnt a lot about mental health. I was once placed ina clinic whereby I attended to patients with schizophrenia disorder.Usually, the disorder affects the patients in such a way theyinterpret reality abnormally. As such, patients tend to encountersocial stigma that aggravates the problem. In my placement, I wasable to help my patients by allowing them express their feelings andshowing concern for their problems. I helped them understand abouttheir conditions and be able to handle their daily problems. Perhapsone of the best ways to help schizophrenia patients is payingattention to their needs and give a helping hand in the most uniqueof ways. This experience, among many others, has helped instrengthening my capability as a psychiatric nurse.

Acquiringa position to complete baccalaureate degree will make my dream areality. I view my life in this school as an opportunity to nurturemy acquired skills and achieve my life goals. I also believe that theuniversity will help me in achieving my career goals of psychiatricnurse in the future. I will play a great role in promoting the codesof ethics for nurses that includes respecting human dignity, worthand uniqueness of everyone irrespective of their status. As a nurse,I will also commit to patient, promote and advocate to protecting thehealth and the rights of patients, and collaborating with otherhealth practitioners to promote the health wellbeing of all.

Ialso believe that the knowledge I will acquire will not only impactpositively on the school, but the society at large. This is one stepof making my long term project of building a psychiatric clinic tohelp people with mental illnesses. It will be a great honor toacquire a position in your reputable institution.