Thepeople around me and the ideas I have about the natural things thatsurround meinfluence my belief about the existence of a god whocreated the universe. This belief system is monotheism in accordancewith the existing theories of Ultimate Reality (Solomon, 2010).

Monotheismis a theory on which Christianity is based. In Christianity, thereexists one God, who works in many ways (Solomon, 2010). This beliefis relatable to the theory of polytheism where the conception is thatthere are many gods and goddesses with one specific god performing aparticular duty. Christianity also relates with the dualism theorythat states the existence of two gods, one who is good and the otheris bad. In Christian teachings, the goodness of the supreme God iscontrasted with the wickedness of Satan (Cater, 1998).

Accordingto Christians, God created every natural and living thing, so theplants, creatures exist because of him while pantheism holds that godexists in all natural things (Harrison, 2004). Atheism, on the otherhand, holds that the universe runs on its own and that there is nosupreme being. Atheists have the inability to believe some teachingsin Christianity that cannot be explained or proved. Christianity hasthe perception of accepting such things through faith.

People’sview of reality is shaped by what is around them, the ideas they haveand the influence those ideas have on them. The people around themalso have a great influence on how they perceive reality (Dawson,1976). When growing up, my parents and other people around me tookpart in helping me understand my world. Much of what I believe to bereal was shaped and determined at that time. For example, the realityof there being a supreme God who is in control was instilled in mesince my childhood.


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