Michigan Turbine Wind Power Generation


MichiganTurbine Wind Power Generation

MichiganTurbine Wind Power Generation

Developinggreen energy is one of the commitments of the Michigan state. One ofthe main green energy production methods is through the use of windenergy. The state has set up several stations that generate electricenergy through the wind-powered turbine. Even though the Michiganwind energy production is a developing industry, the stations havesignificantly been established to provide a significant source ofenergy. By January of 2014, the state had 676 wind turbinesthroughout the established wind farms which produce a capacity of1163 MW (AWEA,2014).This report will explore the Michigan wind energy to present thedevelopment and the capacity of the energy farms.

Theneed for wind energy production in Michigan was necessitated by thestate’s 2015 target. In 2008, the state targeted to produce atleast 10% renewable energy by 2015 (Sands,2012).This lead to exploration of the capacity of the state to producealternative sources of energy among them is wind-powered energy.Consequently, over a hundred businesses were identified in 2011 bythe Environmental Law &amp Policy, Center for the production of windpower (Foster, 2013). The identified premises use manufacturing andengineering ventures that has over four thousand people inemployment. This was a step towards achieving the target set in 2008and a strategy of substituting its sources of power.

Beforethe establishment of the Michigan wind power farms, the state had0.3% of its total power being sourced from wind. After theimplementation of the 2011 plan, the wind power production capacityincreased by more than 200% in the year (AWEAReport, 2014).However, the production of the energy was still in progress. Thefirst turbine for the wind energy production was established inTraverse City. Other regions in the state followed the trend andestablished more wind power stations such as two turbines in MackinawCity in 2001, Laker Elementary School in 2007 and Harvest Wind Farmin 2007 (Foster, 2013). The developments and commitment by Michiganled to the ambition of the state to increase its renewable power. Forinstance, the Traverse City power company to set a 30% renewableenergy target by 2010.

Intotal, the current Michigan wind power energy production is 1163 MW,which translates to 2.4% of the state’s total grid. Currently, thelargest wind farm in the state of Michigan is the Gratiot County WindProject that produces around 213 MW (Barber, 2010). This projectstarted operating fully in 2012. However, the state has several otherproposed projects for the future. For instance, in the Thumb region,there are 345 kilovolt line of around 140 miles that are beingconstructed. The completion of this project will give the region,several turbines that will provide more power to its residents andbeyond. In addition, the state has the capacity to generate morepower from the great lakes through the offshore wind power. However,the project has delayed in planning and implementation due topolitical reasons.

Thedevelopment of wind power has led to different benefits by the stateof Michigan. First, the projects of establishing wind power farmshave increased its power generation. The state produces over 1000MWfrom the wind power, which is channeled to its power consumption grid(Foster, 2013). This has made the state more sustainable in terms ofenergy. Secondly, the state has lowered the cost of power. Eventhough not significantly lowered in a whole state, there is asignificant reduction of production costs by enterprises that use theenergy. In addition, the production of the wind power and theestablishment of several establishments has provided employment forthe residents (FREEP,2014).This has helped the state to reduce the unemployment problem of thatis facing the largest American states.

Moreover,the wind power in the state of Michigan has attracted tourists in theregions where the wind farms are located. According to Foster (2013),tourists usually pay up to $35 to see the wind farms, especially someof the oldest wind farms in Michigan. The attraction of tourismincreases the income that the state generates on an annual basis,thereby enabling it to finance its development and recurrent projects(Gipe,2004).Finally, the state has increased its public image in the preferenceof green energy and renewable energy alternatives. Currently,Michigan is listed sixteenth state in the United States, according tototal wind energy production made.

Withthe establishment of wind turbine power generation stations inMichigan, the state has added its power generation and increased itsgreen energy use. Though initiatives that were established in 2011,the state has seen its wind-powered energy increase up to the current2.4% wind power generation. However, the state has a target ofproducing 10% by 2015, with a number of ongoing constructions of morewind power stations. The wind power generation in Michigan has earnedthe state income from tourism, reduced production costs for users andcreated employment for the residents. This shows that wind turbinepower generation in Michigan is beneficial for the state.


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