Minnesota Poison Control System

MinnesotaPoison Control System

PoisonEmergency or Question:1-800-222-1222


Forpersons with hearing or speech impairment, they are free to use theirpreferred Telecommunication Relay Service.

MinnesotaPoison Control System Website: http://www.mnpoison.org/


Thewebsite provides different information on poison advocacy. Ofimportance is the information provided on the websites homepagehealth check on E-Cigarette Liquid.

Theinformation is given special interest due to the increase in thenumber of phone calls made to the United States poison controlcenters across the country. According to U.S Center for DiseaseControl (CDC) the phone calls made to poison control centersregarding e-cigarette has risen form an average of a single call in amonth in 2010 to about 200 calls a month in 2014. They are so rampantmaking up to 40 percent of all calls.

FirstAid for Poisoning

Thewebsite offers different information on first aid for poison cases.The various categories for first aid provided on the site includepoison in the eye, syrup of ipecac and activated charcoal, poison onthe skin, tips for wiping children’s eyes, and inhaled poison.


Italso provides a range of prevention measures that can be taken toprevent poisoning cases. There are different home safety checklistprovided included kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage and laundryarea.


Thewebsite provides necessary education for parents, caretakers,grandparents and any to any other person to minimize poisoningincidences.


Variousorganizations have partnered with .The partners include Minnesota Department of Health, Hennepin CountyMedical Center, CDC, and Health Resources and ServicesAdministration, ECHO. One can donate to the organization as anindividual as well.


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