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InMPIF, fellowship is the interaction of a family unit. It is theassociation of persons with joint interest,common beliefs, and purpose. We are brothers and members of thefamily of God (Ephesians 2:18-19). The fellowship affords us theopportunity to come together to be edified as the body of Christ. Itis usually:

  • A time to be impacted with the kingdom values and patterns.

  • A time to interact and bond as a family.

  • A time to participate in Kingdom service.

Therefore,our fellowship is more than just spending time with each other. It isabout doing things together, cultivating Kingdom values in theatmosphere of oneness, and serving God together. To ensureconsistency and result in our fellowships, we apply the six MPIFfellowship principles at chapter and corporate levels. Theseprinciples may be modified to suit each occasion and they are notexhaustive. They may be expanded as the Lord gives us more grace intothe mystery of His purpose.

TheMPIF principles include:

  • To celebrate the King. We devote the best part of the fellowship to honour and celebrate our King, the Lord Jesus Christ as we minister to Him in the depth of praises and worship.

  • To strengthen the family bond. We are members of God`s household and each fellowship affords us the opportunity to converge and interact. This we do through the thanksgiving sessions, Kingdom wealth, communion, and the family song among other activities. These activities have dismantled denominations and other divisive tendencies among us, while promoting the glorious liberty of oneness in our fellowships.

  • To nurture the family. The King, who is the good shepherd nourishes and nurtures the family in every of our fellowship. This is done through the Word Encounter Ministry and the Mighty Men Ministry.

  • To stir the family potential and responsibilities. In every fellowship, we stir the gift of God in our individual and corporate lives. We are made to put into action our responsibilities for the Kingdom glory, honour, and dominion. We do this through MPIF in perspective reviews.

  • Attract more families into the Kings household. The citizens of heaven have to be in charge of the earthly affairs in order to fill the earth with God’s glory. Hence, our responsibility is to teach all nations and make them members of God`s household. Our fellowships are usually an occasion to invite others and populate the King`s household.

  • Manage Post Event Expectations. In every fellowship model, we capture closed-out activities, learning, and opportunities. This has helped us to adequately consolidate and harness the gains for the expansion and edification of the King`s household.

Wehave a number of fellowship models for specific purposes.

MonthlyLeadership Meeting

Wehold monthly leadership meetings in all chapters. Each chapter meetson a particular Saturday of every month. The fellowship is held onSaturdays because it is not a working day and it gives members theopportunity to participate in the Sunday worship services in theirrespective churches.

Themonthly leadership meeting is the most frequent of our fellowships,which is used as a time for the communion of Saints`. It is also usedas a discipleship training session. It is called a leadership meetingbecause every member is expected to replicate the teaching for eachmonth in his home. He is the pastor of the church in his house. Thisway, the leadership potential in each man is stirred up, and throughhis teaching and conduct, the Kingdom values are multiplied withinthe home. Through the home, they will affect the larger society.

Thesix MPIF fellowship principles are fully implemented in thisfellowship. The Monthly Leadership Meeting lasts for six hours.

12Hours with God

Jesussaid, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to theFather, but by me.” This is the strait gate and the only way to theFather. For anyone to come in through this gate, he has to denyhimself, take up his cross, and then follow Jesus. In other words,you have to deny other ways.

JesusChrist conquered while in the wilderness where He spent forty daysand nights the result is that He returned to Galilee in the power ofthe Spirit and His fame spread all over the region and surroundingcities. Likewise, the disciples of Jesus overcame self and the worldwhen they tarried in the upper room and continued with one accord inprayer and supplication. The result, as expected, was the power ofthe Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. This is an experience everyChristian must pass through to fulfill the divine purpose and reignas a king and priest here on earth.

MPIFTwelve (12) Hours with God is patterned after the wilderness andupper room experience. This fellowship starts in the morning at 6amand continues uninterrupted until 6pm in the evening. This is donequarterly at every Chapter. The aim is:

  • To disciple ourselves and learn to wait upon the Lord for our personal and corporate lives.

  • To learn to live daily in the upper room experience by dying daily.

  • To receive His fulness and grace. This is the grace by which we are truly born of the Spirit.

Wehave four sessions within the twelve hour period. Each session lastsfor three hours. During the three hours, we praise and worship forone hour, followed by the Word for one hour, and then prayer for onehour. This circle makes up one session and this is repeated in allfour sessions, making it twelve hours.

Thetwelve hours with God retreat is organized by the Upper Room Ministryand executed by the three core ministries:

  • In His Presence Ministry. We come into His cloud of glory and are renewed through deep praises and worship.

  • Word Encounter Ministry. We feast on the word to encounter the life that is in the Word of God.

  • Mighty Men Ministry. We key into the inestimable riches of prayer and supplications.

Membersare expected to replicate this model in their homes, ministries, andendeavors. One other glorious feature of the twelve hours with God isthe grace to fast.

Thesix MPIF fellowship principles are modified and implemented in thisfellowship.


TheCouples’ Fellowship brings together every couple in MPIF at thechapter level. The event is held once every year in the month of Junefor two (2) days. It is a time to nurture and re-emphasise the Churchin the House concept. The Church in the House is a mission effort torestore the family values from the root, the home. The event isorganized and executed by the Church in the House Ministry.

Theaims include:

  • To restore the family values. The family is important in spreading the Kingdom principles within the household, the neighborhood, and the society at large. The couple is the first target for nurturing (Matthew 12:33), and this increases its capacity to nurture the household.

  • To help families understand that salvation covers every aspect of life (including business, environment, children, and home). It is the eternal purpose of God that all things will be fitted into Christ (Ephesians 1:10).

  • To help couples understand the importance and principles of raising Godly children. Ephesians 6:4.

  • To help members understand the role and responsibilities of the Church as a son in the Kingdom of God, as the bride of Jesus Christ and as the body of Christ. This will stir us up to fulfill our divine purposes. &nbsp

Inaddition to fulfilling the six MPIF fellowship principles as modifiedto suit the couple fellowship, special sessions are created. Thesesessions include:

  • Couples bonding activities– to strengthen the oneness of the couple.

  • Good Morning Holy Spirit– committing the families and all that concerns them to the care of the Lord.

MPIFAnnual Convention Fellowship

MPIFannual convention is the largest MPIF single event that brings theentire household together. It is also an occasion to celebrate ourannual anniversary. This is an international convention that is heldevery year, in the month of August. It is a four day event.

Theplan, purpose, theme, and target for the fellowship differ on ayearly basis. However, certain features of the event like the sixMPIF fellowship principles are constant, but with some modificationsto ensure excellence as occasion demands. There are some otherspecial activities like:

  • Ministration by MPIF International worship team.

  • Members across the globe attend with their spouses.

  • New members are welcomed into the family.

  • Existing, new, and potential chapters of MPIF are recognized.

  • Individual and corporate family glory are restored through salvation, blessings, and liberty (Luke 4:18).

  • The riches of God`s resources are demonstrated through documentaries and exhibitions.

Ourannual convention over the period has shown an exponential increasein both in numerical strength and the multiplication of the Kingdomvalues.


Familyfellowship is an event to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Thecelebration is done yearly in the month of December. Every member isexpected to attend the event with his entire family his wife,children, and other members of his household. The aim is for MPIF tocelebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a body and also to equipmembers on how to celebrate Him daily in their lives and homes. Thisis a one day event that is celebrated at the chapter level.

Itis usually a period for us to reflect on the glory of His birth, thevalue, and the benefit to us. Moreover, it is an opportunity to learnhow to celebrate Him and come into the fulness of His grace.

Inaddition to fulfilling the six MPIF fellowship principles as modifiedto suit the family fellowship, special sessions are created:

  • To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – Dedication of lives to the Lord, Christmas Carol, and Special communion.

  • For the family interaction and bonding.

  • To teach and exposed the Children to the Kingdom patterns of life. This complements the effort of the Church in the House.

  • For the family word interaction – Bible quiz

Thisevent is organized and executed by the Church in the House Ministryin conjunction with the Vanguard Ministry.


Atthe ministry level, a number of fellowships take place. This is tostrengthen the ministries and reinforce her values in carrying outtheir responsibilities effectively. The fellowship is organized atthe corporate level and in some cases executed at the chapters or asan outreach. It helps the members of a particular ministry to blendand bond as a family. It also helps MPIF further its mission work.

Theministry fellowships come in different forms and purpose prison topraise, retreats, ministry meeting, school outreach, the hour ofprayer, seminars, and business conference among others.

Thefellowship is organized and executed by the individual Ministries orin a collaborative effort. In addition to the purpose and principlesadopted for each of the ministry fellowships, the six MPIF fellowshipprinciples are implemented, but with some modifications to suit eachoccasion.