Music Concert



Thechamber music concert became held in Juvian School at 7 pm Friday,July 18. The concert became conducted by different instruments withdifferent types of music. The environment was slightly intense sincethe concert hall was small, but held approximately 70 individuals inthe audience. The chamber concert became divided into two vast partshaving an intermission of 15 minutes amid the parts. For thisconcert, I would focus primarily on the music pieces I liked and theexperience that I had from the pieces.

Theinitial part of the concert was colorful and diverse as the startingtwo pieces became featured by both cello and violin. The two pieceswere exceedingly dark as steady tempo and continuo bass was continuedall over the entire piece. In this case, melodies came generally fromthe cello, which became emphasized most. On the other hand, theharmonies were persistently at times a bit infuriating to the ear. Itwas not easy to continuously keep listening to the harmonies producedbecause they were irritating at some points. To an average citizenhaving limited musical knowledge and skills, the harmonies soundedexceedingly unusual and cumbersome to consume. Besides, the melodieswere at some point exceedingly emotional, having an unexpected burstof excitement that could be an expression of anger.

Thesecond section of the concert had a limitation in variety, but had athicker texture. In this case, piano were the only involvedinstruments. The interesting scenario emerged, where two pianos wereused to play a single piece like a duet. Prior to the concert, I hadnot seen two pianos being placed across each other and playing a samepiece. Introducing Mozart’s Sonata in the presence of the pianosproduced a nice back to back melody. This piece sounded like anenjoined couple singing back to back about their feelings. Theremaining pieces were either done by duet or solo, but did not leavemuch impression like the Sonata for the two pianos. The entireconcert lasted for approximately two hours and the experience of theentire concert was bittersweet.

Theselected piece of music became composed from the conclusion of the18thcentury to the present period. The music is usually associated with the classical period. This is because it was being played for above200 years (Radice,2012). Besides, the instruments used in accompanying the music wereusually associated with the classical period, which links the musicpiece with the period. The music became inspired by the need to bondwith friends at home, although it has migrated from home to concerthalls. However, in the concert halls, professionals still play themusic for pleasure (Radice,2012). The music is critical in helping individuals understandthemselves and the society because it helps in brings out theemotions of individuals. Through emotions expressed by individuals,it is possible to bring out a meaning implied by the emotions. Thisis significant in helping individuals understand others and thesociety around them. For instance, through the music, individuals arecapable of bonding and enjoying together since the music is usuallyplayed for pleasure. Through this, individuals are likely to expresstheir emotions that are critical in understanding each other. It isthrough this understanding that individuals are capable ofunderstanding their society.


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