Name Maggie.

Name: Maggie.

Class : 209

Date: 09/15/2014

Successis what most people strive for in life. However, not all achieve it.For those who do, various issues facilitate it. For some it is sheerluck, for others it is circumstance and for others it is theirtemperament and their personality. In other words, for every personthe reason(s) could be different. However, whichever cause isattributed to success, a person plays an important role in making achange in the direction of their life. It is this decision makingpoint that is called a turning point. Have I encountered one orseveral turning points in my life? Yes, I have encountered threemajor turning points in my life. Some of these turning points havebeen more important in my life than others. Three of these turningpoints are the most important as they have changed my lifecompletely. I therefore take this opportunity to discuss theseturning points are and explain how they prepare for success in life.

Myfirst turning point is my decision to change my temperament andattitude towards English language as a subject in school. I say thisis a turning point because back in elementary school, I did not takemy English language classes seriously. My temperament towards thesubject was negative and introverted as I could hardly use thelanguage or participate in various activities in class with otherstudents. I realized that I needed to change my temperament towardsmy English classes if I wanted to pass my exams and proceed up touniversity. My mother always told me that only a good education wouldprovide me with an opportunity to have a good job and accomplish mostof my dreams something My biggest issue English was the fact that isfound it difficult and too complex and thus I was not interestedlearning it like other subjects. I liked other subjects such as mathand science in which I performed better. In fact, I did not evenstudy English tests or complete assignments given by our teacher inclass.

Inmiddle school, I had the same bad temperament to studying English. Mymother was not impressed by my school grades especially in Englishand pointed out my temperament. She was very worried that Englishwould affect my overall grade and thus I would not join university.She therefore insisted I take an English course over the summerbreak. It was in this summer school that changed my temperament andbrought about English. In that school, all students were fromdifferent places and new to the course. Furthermore, the subject wastaught by an American teacher who made learning more interesting. Iwas happy and I was not angry at the “complex language” anymore.With the assistance of the teacher I was able to make progress in mylanguage. I soon came to understand the simple rules of English suchas past tense and plurals which encouraged me to lean even more. Theteacher also organized us into study groups which were very much fun.It was a very interesting thing that we used both English and Chineseto talk about our different backgrounds. Moreover, whenever I got aproblem in class, the teacher was always ready to give me a helpinghand. During the time, I learned a lot that I have not known before.At the end of the summer school, we took a test in which I performedvery well. With new confidence, I changed my temperament towardEnglish and started studying the subject more seriously. Finally, Isat by middle school final exams and passed with flying colors andaccepted to university. My mom was very proud and happy for me. Thisproved to me that my circumstance surrounding my poor English gradesbrough about an opportunity for me to learn English through summerschool and I took the opportunity and accepted to change mytemperament. This was just one of the many successes in my life,making it to university. It is for this reason that Napoleon oncesaid, “The man who has made up his mind to win will never sayimpossible.”

Mysecond major turning point was by graduation from university as aregistered nurse. The new career path also offered me anotheropportunity to learn English more and put it into practice at work.As a nurse, I was required to show empathy to patients and hence alot of communication English was involved. I talked to patients,listened to them and just took care of them and made them feelcomfortable. This was very important for my temperament as I learnedto open up to people and communicate more freely and share inemotions. The experience and prevailing circumstances were very alsogood for my English as many patients would compliment my English andit felt really good. Through the contacts I made, I was hired asstaff as the 2008 Olympic games after which I move to a Sino-Americanhospital. At this hospital interacting with both Chinese and Englishspeakers was very important. I got to translate communication betweenstaff and patients. It gave me challenge to improve my Englishfurther and even explore that as a potential career opportunity. Imade a further turning point by choosing to seek professionalqualifications in English. After several months, I undertook a TOEFLtest which I achieved a good score. It was through this third turningpoint that I got an offer from San Francisco State University. It hasbeen almost three years since I came to America and it still feelslike a dream.

Lookingback, I can say that my mum offered me the first opportunity to takechange my temperament towards English which set me up for a newdirection in my life as discussed above. Along the way, luck andtemperament have worked together to change the direction of my lifein various ways. It is therefore clear that no matter whatcircumstances one faces with the right temperament and luck, one cansucceed like I have. This resonates with Mark Twain’s words that“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may stillexist, but you have ceased to live.”