TO:Departmental Heads

FROM:Chief Information and Technology Officer


SUBJECT:Network and Telecommunication Concept

  • The information flow in any organization is paramount to the successful operations in addition to ensuring that the information confidentiality. This enables to protect its sensitive information from falling into wrong hand that may use the information to the benefit. An ideal example is the leakage of customer confidentiality details that then used to disturb them. This may lead to the organization being faced by suits in courts due to compromise on customer confidentiality. To this effect as an organization we would like to ensure that information is readily available to the only concerned parties in the organization. This will ensure that organization’s confidential information does not land into wrong information. As a result, we like to have a telecommunication system that will help segregate information and ensure it is only available to designatednetwork users

  • Various network infrastructures are available for usage in healthcare organizations in addition to network configurations available. Among the various networks available include, wide area network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN) and metropolitan area network (MANs).WAN is used for areas that are widely dispersed. The speed is dependent on available band width.LAN is used to interconnect computers in offices close together. An ideal example is a single health care unit. The network configuration method available for the health care unit is the configuration of network system through allocation of an IP address to each participating computer or printer.

  • In the development and integration of the new network system the administrative and patient in care records will be separated to ensure that only the line officers can access specific information. To this effect the retrieval of file will become more efficient, secure and fast. Additionally data confidentiality will be improved since one will require an assigned password to login to the system. Moreover, various programs will be developed that will ensure only designated parties access specific information. However, data collected from radiology film services and lab results will be made available to the concerned parties for easy retrieval will be integrated into a system.

  • Additionally, a network configuration management system will be put in place to help organize and maintain information concerning the various computer components in the network. This will lead to ease while the computer requires repairs, modifications, upgrades since the administrator will only refer to the network configuration management database that stores the various internet protocol (IP) addresses. This will lead to the reduction in the organizations downtime in case of a computer breakdown and optimization of the network security. Additionally, the organization will enjoy the archival of files in case of a breakdown.

  • The organization’s network infrastructure will interconnect the computer and other information technology systems. The infrastructure will be closed such that it is only accessed within the hospital. Additionally, as a security features the system is in accessible outside the organization reducing the chances of hacking. To access the system one will be require having an assigned identification code coupled with a password. This will keep at bay various parties that may require accessing the information without authorization. To get authorization one will be required to follow due process by requesting for the access to the system.

  • This will have greatly helped reduce the various data communication challenges that are quite profound in the healthcare sector. Am the various challenges include, breaches in data and leaks to unwanted quarters. To this effect the patients’ records may be used to their disadvantage by the malicious parties. The other challenge is the system breakdown that may bring to a standstill the operation of the organization. To this effect the department of IT has come up with data backup mechanism to ensure that the downtime is reduced to avoid inconveniencing our clients. To make this project a success the department has planned to acquire various equipments namely additional computers, servers, data backup equipment in addition to increased data storage equipments. Additionally, a few IT experts will be hired to join our group to ensure the efficient rolling out of the concept.

  • In conclusion, it is important to note that the proposed network system (LAN) will serve to improve the organizations clients and operations data confidentiality in addition to increased efficiency.