Network Design Recommendations




Recommendationsare for separation of administrative functions from those of clinicalfunctions to allow for speedy processing of the data. Clinicalfunctions pile pressure on network resources throughout the daybecause a number of processes such as updating and accessing thedatabase are simultaneous. On the other hand, the administrativefunction has a lower pressure on the network resources since theirmain interest is analyzing the data created and updated by theclinical functions. The network diagram has put more emphasis on theutilizations of the high-speed structured cables and uninterruptedpower backup system that guarantees the optimum of uptime of thecritical functions on the network such as database accessibility andsecurity (Reichert &amp Weber, 2012).The suggested improvements will increase the level of data integrityand lower the risk of data breach. The seamless integration ofclinical services will ensure that patients receive services withoutproducing documents in different hospital sections since theimprovements seek to bring together all patient information into asingle environment since telephones will solve any confirmationissues.


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