Network Security Opening to the World


NetworkSecurity: Opening to the World

NetworkSecurity: Opening to the World

Abrief description of the tutorial and what it teaches

TheIT manager duel is a game that allows exercising practical experiencein managing IT resources in a company. The tutorial is in the form ofthe game where the participant earns points on every stepaccomplished. There are instances where a player can score morepoints while losing others. The player competes with anothercomputerized player. The game is very interactive and engaging sincethe results of an earlier step determines the preceding steps. Thetutorial includes three chapters namely: basic play, intermediateplay and advanced play (Intel, n.d.). The basic play touches on thebuilding the IT infrastructure of the company using server andpersonal fleet. The intermediate play focuses attention on additionalof more infrastructures to increase capacity for handling moreprojects. Finally, the advanced play targets more complex tasks suchas project execution and securing servers.

Atevery chapter, there is provision of resources for application incompleting several tasks. The computerized player takes the firstturn to complete a chapter in the duel then the player follows(Intel, n.d.). Allocation of points comes immediately after pressingthe ‘end turn’ button, which also marks the start of the nextplayer turn or chapter. The duel has staff roster, policies,capacity, projects, the holding area and the deployment zone.Instructions are very clear since there is an explanation given forthe successful completion of the duel.Keynew language learned, including major technical terms please providebrief definitions for these, and indicate why they are important

Assetsare useful in setting up the company, and they are important inproviding the required infrastructure where services run. Capacity isa value assigned to infrastructure, which is determines the amounttask handled by the project(Kerzner, 2013).The higher the capacity of an asset the higher the total scores forthe company. Project involves the jobs a company sets out toaccomplish using the capacity by applying policies to prevent events.Policies are practices employed by the company to prevent or controlan event that affects the assets (Carcary,2012).The events constitute issues that may damage the assets or a sectionof assets from proper functions (Kerzner,2013).Events alert the IT manager to institute a corrective measure usingpolicies.Anyareas of uncertainty left by the tutorial does it leave youbelieving that you need to know more about some topics?

Thebriefing of the IT staff is one area of uncertainty left by thetutorial. The projects require briefing of all IT staff on the mainobjectives of the project, which is not the case in this duel(Kerzner,2013).However, it does not leave me believing that I need more knowledge onthe same. The other area of uncertainty left by the tutorial toucheson the internal security of the assets. Lack of tutorial on handlinginternal security breaches makes me believe that I need to know moreabout securing the company assets from internal threats.Yourevaluation of and experiences with the tutorial as you checked it out

Thetutorial is an eye-opener in terms of how events sent to theopponents can have a positive impact by creating an awareness of theexistence of an even such as a virus. I had mixed feelings on theexperiences with the tutorial. First, the starting point was not at alevel playing field because the opponents had assets with morecapacity. Nevertheless, the award given for executing events on theopponents gives encouragement to continue with the game since thereis hope of winning.


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