Theinvention of telecommunication instruments used to send and receiveinformation from one media to another has come to benefit humanbeings. To a larger extent they have made life easier to the humanbeings. However, for persons having their first contact over thetelecomm nation devices it is paramount to establish secureconnections .The secure connections are required between the personalnodes. To achieve this knowledge in the telecommunication industry isimportant to this being achieved. The nodes can be established usingwires media or alternatively cables. The most common network is theinternet .Nodes refers to personal computers, phones servers and thenetworking hardware. The devices are networked if they can exchangeinformation. However, a web security remains a key component innetworking. To achieve this, a number of components need to beconsidered in order to setup a secure network that will keep at baymalicious software and people with malicious motives.

Tobegin with the two parties that would like to start communicatingover the telecommunication media should fully take the provisions fornetwork administrators. This will enable them to block anyunauthorized access to the system. Additionally, the system’smisuse is curbed. More importantly the modification of the computernetwork is fully prevented. By taking such steps the networkadministrator is able to control the network’s activity. The twousers can then proceed to come up with an assigned user ID thatrequires password to log in the system. This will ensure that thedata the parties will be sending and receiving from each other iswell protected from malicious people.

Theother strategy the parties could adopt is the network surveillance.The process incorporates the aspect of monitoring the data flowwithin a network. The monitoring should be done surreptitiously bythe individuals that are the network administrators. The surveillanceis important to be able to recognize potential threats in thenetwork. Through involved parties could adopt to acquire surveillancesoftware high speed surveillance computer software. However, greatattention must be paid to the process since hackers are on thelookout for the vulnerable networks within their range. Such peopleshould be kept away through efficient monitoring of the network’straffic. Failure to monitor sites data traffic may lead to massivelosses if hackers got access to their personal information. Theinformation could be used by hackers for financial gain.Additionally, the information may be put at the public limelighthence putting the individual reputation at risk .The reputationalrisk could turn out to be costly to repair..

Theother strategy the two individuals being involved in the dataexchange process over their nodes could adopt is the end to endencryption of data encryption. The data encryption allows foruninterrupted transfer of data between the two parties in thecommunication process. The process involves data being encrypted bythe originating party with the only person with the right ofdecrypting it being the intended recipient. The dependence on thirdparties is eliminated that are known to tamper and discover the typeof information being sent. For emails PGP data end to end encryptioncould be used, for instant messaging OTR should be used, ZRPT shouldbe used for telephony. The two individuals should be aware of sitesthat claim to provide end to end data encryption though it just amarketing gimmick. However, the parties should be aware that end toend data encryption does not end tackle some of issues such aspoorly generated random numbers generators. Additionally, the trafficanalysis that relates to identifying end points, times and quantitiesof data sent are not addressed.

Inconclusion, it is important for the two parties to ensure that theirnetwork is fully protected and all necessary measures to control thesites traffic are taken in to account. Through such interventionspotential infiltration into the communication is eliminated.