Ophthalmic Disorders



Mr.Ally is diagnosed with the muscular degeneration disease. Floatersare sport, dark, shape or line that moves around the entire field ofvision (Bhatt, 2014). In some cases, people with floaters ignore thembecause they do not interfere with their sight unless they becomemore prominent. The same case applies to Mr. Ally who had not noticedthe floaters in his eyes before and does not feel the pain.

Thedark areas and floaters behind the visual field of Mr. Ally mighthave been caused by changes associated with ageing. These changesoccur as the jelly like substance in the human eye turns more liquid(Mayo Clinic, 2014). During this process, some microscopic fiberslocated within the vitreous clumps together casting dark shadows onthe retina, which are then seen as floaters. The clumps may appear assmall pieces of material debris floating in the vitreous humor, whichis the jellylike, clear substance filling the space located in theeyeball. Other less possible causes of floaters include intraoculartumors, crystal-like deposits, and inflammation (Kruicik, 2014).

Thetreatment option depends on the level of nuisance that Mr. Allyfloaters are in his sight. Floaters that are temporarily obstructivemay not require special treatment. In this case, Mr. Ally can rollhis eye side by side when the obstruction occurs (Kruicik, 2014).However, if the floaters are causing serious problems, they can betreated through surgery or laser removal. The ophthalmologist breaksup the floaters using laser to reduce their size and ensure they areless noticeable. Alternatively, the doctor can treat Mr. Ally byconducting a surgery in which the vitreous is replaced with somesterile salt solution (Kruicik, 2014).


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