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Outof Darkness

Outof Darkness

Thispaper reviews the description of an individual suffering fromSchizophrenia (mental condition) in the “” movie.The movie contains a dynamic cast that includes characters such asPaulie Cooper (a character suffering from schizophrenia), Zoe Price(who is Paulie’s sister), and Ms. Cooper (who is Paulie’smother). There are several other characters that played critical rolein unfolding the story, but for the purpose of review, theconcentration is these three mentioned characters.

Atthe beginning, we are introduced to the clinically diagnosedschizophrenic woman who has accustomed to her new way of life aidedby a combination of willpower and medication. Paulie who is formermedical student undergoes a drastic change over the process of atwo-hour period – frothing crazily at the beginning. As depicted inthe movie, Schizophrenia is an extremely challenging mental conditionthat made Paulie unable to differentiate what is real and imaginary,think clearly, good relationship with friends and family, and controlemotions, as well as function normally. For example, paulie said, “Iam not sick, your sick,”when the health professional told her that she was sick (Flowers,2004). However, in case of Paulie she had hope since the condition can becontained successfully.

Accordingto the movie, schizophrenia condition occurred slowly withsuperficial warning signs and a steady reduction in the properfunctioning of the affected person (Mahoney,2010).In the first instance, Paulie did not believe when health careprofessionals told of her condition. In the subsequent events thatfollowed, Paulie is locked indoor by her mother since she wasperceived as an imminent threat to both her mother and her sister.Additionally, her boyfriend denounced her when he observed thatPaulie had succumbed to mental disorder. Occasionally, Paulie wasexperiencing hallucinations by hearing scary voices that scared her. In addition, she describes her encounter as a ‘dreamthat no one can wake up from….”(Flowers,2004).Therefore, these are good signs and symptoms of an individualsuffering from schizophrenia. The risk factor of the schizophreniathat is exhibited in the movie is the age. It is found that most ofthe cases of the schizophrenia occur in teen and in the earlyadulthood. Paulie succumbed to the condition when she was twentythree years of age (Flowers,2004).

Duringthe early stages of her disorder, Paulie was behaving in ways thatwere hostile to other members of the society. For example, there wasan instance that her own mother locked her in house to prevent herfrom attacking her grandchildren. In addition, schizophrenia disordermade Paulie to be segregated from other members of the society due toher hostility, for example, her boyfriend stopped visiting her aftershe started behave in a hostile manner to him which in turn made himto note that she had a mental problem (Flowers,2004).

Pauliewas hospitalized for 43 times (Flowers,2004).The reason behind all these hospitalization periods was that shefeared taking medication due to their side effects. In the firstperiod of her disorder, the medicines Paulie was taking causedtardivedyskinesia.This side effect made her to continually move her tongue, feet,hands, and lips. In addition, the medicines also gave her anotherdisorder called akathisiawhich made her restless. Akathisiaalso made her not to sleep and could always stay in motion (Mahoney,2010).

Atthe end of the movie, Paulie is given Clozapinethat made her to recover. Although Clozapinedoes not cause side effects of dyskinesiait reduces the number of white blood cells which fight diseases. Inregards to this, Paulie was required to undertake consistentmonitoring of her blood. She was also required to give weekly bloodsamples to the doctors for them to be able to monitor the number ofwhite blood cells in her body. In addition to this, patients ofschizophrenia need to be treated well in their societies instead ofbeing segregated from other members of the society and they should betaken for medical checkup regularly to ensure their health conditionis improving and the number of white blood cells in their body isgood if they are treated using Clozapine(Flowers,2004).

Inconclusion, the movie “” unfold the story ofPaulie Cooper who is former medical student succumbed to paranoidschizophrenia which made her lose about eighteen years of her lifedue to illness. Additionally, the movie reveals the truth aboutschizophrenia in terms of early signs and symptoms, risk factors, andbest medication without side effect such as Clozapine.After she is released from mental hospital, Paulie struggles torestore her life with assistance from nurses, doctors and a newexperimental drug that would help her restore her well-being.Throughout the film, Paulie tries to situate herself in a complexworld that she deeply felt had abandoned her. Therefore, peopleliving with schizophrenia condition should not be segregated from thesociety as they require much care and close attention when restoringtheir well-being.


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