Painting Analysis Al Beso del Sol

PaintingAnalysis: AlBeso del Sol

PaintingAnalysis: AlBeso del Sol

Paintingis one of the art works that represents some hidden message that thepainter intends to communicate to the target audience. In most cases,the painters leave their work open for the viewers to analyze andattach some meaning to the painting (Shabi, 2013). Although somepainting works have political and economic significance, theintention of many painters is to preserve culture and traditionalpractices through art (Painting Analysis, 2014). Fernandos Llort isone of the famous painters who have managed to produce art pieceswith sentimental attachment. Llort’s capacity to combine differentaspects of nature (including trees, rivers, bird, and mountains)leads to the establishment of a strong connection between people andnature. This is a rare feature in the modern artwork, which requirespainters to depict civilization in their work. This paper willprovide the description, analysis, and interpretation of one ofLlort’s paintings with the title AlBeso del Sol.

Figure1: AlBeso del Sol

Source:Llort (1996)

Descriptionof AlBeso del Sol

AlBeso del Solis one of the most interesting Llort’s works, which was given adirect English translation “Beneath Sun’s Kiss”. The paintingmeasures 9.4 inches in length and 12.2 inches in width (Llort,1996). Theart work is an oil painting on canvas. There are two categories offundamental components that are visible in the painting. First, thepainting was accomplished using a mixture of different colors rangingfrom greens, yellows, and bright blue.

Thesecond basic component is the integration of familiar figures in thepainting. The common figures that can be seen in AlBeso del Sol includethe sun, a woman, trees, and a house, which have both the symbolicand the focal point of the overall paining (Llort,1996).


Llortarranged all the basic components in a formal manner where the commonfigures (including the sun, houses, trees, and the woman) aredistributed on the paining medium in a balanced way. The painter usesgeometric patterns (circles, triangles, rectangles, and free formedshapes), which is accomplished by combining lines and strips of color(blue, yellow, and green). The figures integrated into the paintingare completed using a mixture of geometric pieces that take thepuzzle-like pattern. A rough texture has been used in all figures inthe painting. The entire painting space is occupied by figures withlittle space being left between the sun and the woman. In terms ofproportion, the woman takes a bigger proportion of the painting spacecompared to other figures.

Althoughthe figures are fairly distributed in the painting space, the painterseems to place more emphasis on the woman and the sun. This isdemonstrated by the use of brighter colors on the two figures andtheir larger sized compared to other figures. Different types oflines (curved and straight lines) are combined to form the threedimensional house and the human face. Different varieties of colorsand geometric shapes create rhythmic patterns that are overwhelmingto the eyes of the viewers. This ensures that the eyes of the viewerdo not settle on one point, but they move all around the paintinganalyzing every detail. This units and intensifies the whole piece ofwork.


Thepainting entails traditional elements that tell some interestingstory about religious and historical beliefs. Religious symbolismbecomes evident once the entire story intended by the painter iscreated. The woman represents the Virgin Mary, whose proximity to theheavens is depicted by her closeness to the sun as compared to otherfigures in the painting. Based on this perspective, the painterintended to represent Catholicism, which honors the Virgin Mary(Pivarunas, 2000). Although she is in the skies, the geometricpatterns connect her to other figures (including the bird, mountains,and houses) on earth. Mary’s mantle is spread out to bring lifeand protect other creatures on the earth. The bird represents theinfluence of the Catholic Church on people.

Thepainting can also represent the Indian traditions that believeharvests and crops are depends on natural events that are controlledby the supernatural powers. The woman’s silky hair, clothing, andblack eyes look a lot like those of a typical Indian woman (Harris,2000). The woman could represent one of the Indian goddesses, whileher presence in the town represents the bond between the natural andthe spiritual world. This means that harmony is achieved in life bymaintaining a good relationship with the supernatural powers (White,2014).


Paintingis one of the arts that are widely used to symbolize a wide range ofissues (including religion and tradition) of human life. Llort’spiece of painting entitled AlBeso del Solsymbolized both the traditional and religious aspects of human life.However, these symbols depend on the perspective taken by theinterpreter of the painting. From the religious perspective, thewoman in the painting symbolizes the Virgin Mary, which makes theentire painting create a story of Catholicism. Taking the traditionalperspective, on the other hand, the woman can either represent theIndian goddess or a native Indian woman. In overall,AlBeso del Solis a fantastic piece of artwork that symbolizes the relationshipbetween the world and the higher powers.


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