Patient Education




Developmentalstages of learning involve childhood learning stage, young adulthoodstage, middle-aged adulthood stage, and older adulthood stage.Childhood learning entails the first stage of developmental learning.Every person must pass through this stage. At this stage, the childlearns new things mostly through imitation the child imitates whathe/she sees other individuals around him/her doing. Young adulthooddevelopmental stage involves young youths, who are in their earlyadulthood. These young adults usually learn from the older adultsconcerning different issues of life affecting them. On the otherhand, middle-aged adulthood stage individuals are also taught newideas by individuals that are older than them however, individualsin this stage of developmental learning can also be taught new ideasby other individuals that are well conversant or knowledgeable in agiven area of expertise. In addition, older adulthood developmentalstage of learning is usually valued and appreciated by many due tothe vast capacity of understanding that members in this stage have. Any person can be capable of teaching individuals in this stage sincemost of them are mature. Any person that has a qualification in awide area can be well placed to teach individuals in this stagehowever, adults are well suited for the learning process in thisdevelopmental stage.

Teachinga Middle-aged Adult the Basic Steps in Managing Wound

Thebasic steps entails clipping and preparing of the skin around thewound, cleansing the wound of any superficial contaminants or debris,obtaining a deep tissue culture for biopsy as required, debridinginfected or necrotic tissue, and providing wound coverage this canbe either through primary closure for clean-contaminated and cleanwounds or through bandaging (Thomas,2010).


Oneof the sound principles of fitness that can be applied entailsdrinking plenty of water, limiting the intake of sugar and fat, abalanced diet comprising around 60-65% carbohydrates, and eating avariety of vegetables and fruits. In order to mitigate body fat, itis crucial to expend a lot of calories than one consumes. One shouldnot wait until he/she is thirsty to commence taking water. Prior tocompetition, one should eat lightly and avoid bulky foods.


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