Personal Philosophy




Theimportance of a personal philosophy cannot be gainsaid as far as thequality of life that an individual leads is concerned. Indeed, it haswell been acknowledged that personal philosophy outlines theguidelines by which an individual leaves and which determine thecourses of action that he or she takes. Further, personal philosophyhas played key roles in determining the capacity of individuals toimagine and create, as well as execute some of the most grand andmarket-shifting ideas. Personal philosophy cross-cuts the personallife of an individual and goes into their professional and evensocial lives. My personal philosophy has been shaped by myexperiences, as well as the experiences of other people who havesucceeded. Indeed, I have come to learn valuable lessons from themistakes of people, which have been fundamental to the determinationof the principles by which I live.

Oneof my key philosophies revolves around looking for opportunities thatwould allow me to leave this world a better place than I found it.This does not always have to involve immense steps or actions ratherit could involve looking for opportunities in which small amounts ofeffort, resources and time would have the capacity to makedisproportionately immense contribution. This is especially forefforts that have a ripple effect where a particular action wouldtrigger numerous responses that have an immensely huge overallimpact. As Whitman said that “Thegenius of the United States is not best or most in its executives orlegislatures, nor in its ambassadors, or authors, or colleges orchurches or parlors, not even in its newspapers or inventors butalways most in the common people”(Whitman 1855). This underlines the fact that the big people orinstitutions may not always be the most powerful or fundamental,rather the small decisions and actions that people take can makefundamental differences. Further, James Baldwin stated that “Thepeculiar nature of this responsibility is that he must never ceasewarring with it, for its sake and for his own”(Baldwin, 1962). This underlined the need to always make an effort tofight evil and make the world a better place than it was.

Inaddition, I have chosen to always realize that there are numerouspaths to success. It is noted that there exists no right answer toissues that individuals go through, rather the most important thingis to have strategy capacity to execute and iteration (Perry,2008).I have acknowledged that every time I start something, I am alwaysafraid that I may not have the appropriate answers especially when Iam deficient of the perspective, experience and time to come up witha perfectly organized plan (Gunnarsson,2010).However, the realization that there exists numerous paths rather thanjust one path has always freed me to move fast and get things donethe most appropriate way.

Onthe same note, I have purposed to always take actions that wouldenhance the community. This means investing my resources and time onthings that move the community within which I live forward in acompletely meaningful way and not in short-term fads. This ofteninvolves taking on huge issues that are crucial to the community atlarge. As Baldwin stated, “Theartist is present to correct the delusions to which we fall prey inour attempts to avoid this knowledge”(Baldwin 1962). People often try to escape from things that arefundamental and that they think may be too big for them. Tacklingthese issues would go a long way in enhancing the life of thecommunity members in the long-term.


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  1. Introduction: Why is personal philosophy crucial to an individual’s life?

  2. Key philosophy: Leaving the world a better place than I found it.

  3. Key philosophy: Is there a right answer to the varied questions in life? There are numerous paths to success.

  4. Key philosophy: what debt do I have for the community in which I live? What is the philosophy that should guide the actions I take?